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My household chores

Some are not chores!

    1. Take children to/from school

    Do this every day. Gives me more time with them. Don't spend as much time with them as they get older.

    2. Dishes

    Don't mind running the dish washer and putting them up. My spouse and children sometimes don't put their dirty dishes away in the washer (they leave in the sink), this annoys me... We run this almost every day.

    3. Laundry

    Do this 1-2x a week. Mostly do my own, but sometimes do other people's laundry.e

    4. Tidy up house

    Not sure I do this every day. Everyone else in the house is not that "neat", so I often pickup after them. They have been trying harder here. I don't really clean things, but I don't like to have things laying around where they are not supposed to be.

    5. Trash/Recycle

    We don't produce that much trash, usually take it out once a week. And we barely ever fill up the recycle bin. I'm also the one who puts new bags around the house.

    6. Make bed

    My spouse makes the bed about 2/100.....So I try to do it more, but not always. It's easier with two of us, but we often don't get up at the same time.

    7. Mow lawn

    This usually needs to be done every 1-2 weeks, but it's winter so we haven't had to do it in months. We have a big lawn and I have been lazy about this. Was hiring someone to do it a lot last year. I think I'll hire him once, when the grass grows again and then I'll try and be "the guy." It's good exercise, but takes me about 2 hours and I don't like how dirty I get...Love the end result.

    8. Toilet paper

    I'm basically the only person who knows how to replenish the toilet paper or put them on the rolls properly....

    9. Check mail

    If I didn't do it, the mail people would stop coming...

    10. Change air filters

    Only do this every 3 months. Not too hard.

    11. Any other household items

    Usually, it's my job. And I don't mind. Love my family. Glad to chip in...They keep the family together, I'm happy to take the trash out...

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