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My next moves

Watching my business grow feels great.  Here's my next moves.

    1. Staff

    My friend is happy to work for free/training.  I'll show him how to do each process and he'll help me out when needed.

    Having someone help me out allows me to shift my focus.  Or I can double down on what I love and have them focus on marketing. 

    I'll think about it.  This opens up new doors anyway.  Time to think how to beat utilise his skills.

    2. Posters

    I'd love to have these designs on my wall.  Constant reminders on how to think/act.

    3. Daily Advice

    I'm enjoying the daily writing.  It allows helps remind myself of old advice I had noted down.

    4. Symbols

    What I thought was the poorest part of my site turns out to be manys favourite part.  I've been asked to make my values into larger prints for t-shirts/hoodies.

    5. Reviews

    I love Likestoriesofold on YouTube.  I don't know if I have the skills to do similar, but that's why I want to try.  To do the impossible once again.  There's tons of TV show id like to share and combine it with lessons I've took from them sounds like an interesting way of reviewing them.

    6. Love

    Valentine's day is coming up.  Is there any way I could market my stuff for that?  They'd definitely make a unique gift for your loved one.

    7. Easy Chinese

    I made a short comic based around learning a new language fast.  It worked, but I think an animation would be even better.  I've no idea how to market this though, but maybe be worth doing just for fun.

    8. Reading list

    Share book highlights.
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