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My Next Project

This year I've animated a music video, made an online course, made enough content for daily updates for over a year and published two books. What's next?

    1. Story Book

    I've done non-fiction. Maybe I should try fiction. I love a challenge

    Kids book - Short stories that teach life lessons

    Junkieman - A story about a superhero who takes drugs to power up.

    Popeman - A story of what the two political extremeness (far left/far right) believe each other to be.

    2. Pins

    I've had this idea since the end of last year. I'm still unsure how many people would actually buy them though. Maybe I should start with something cheeper on my end.

    3. Merch

    Use pin designs on merchandise. Some sites will handle the printing and delivery for me, taking a small cut in sales. This will save me any upfront costs.

    4. Phone App

    It gives me a reason to learn new skills.

    An app that contains all my work. Comics. Videos. Writing.

    A create your own character app (made in flash years ago so I already know the framework)

    Simple game - I could learn how to make a simple game then add a twist on it to make it unique.

    5. Buy/Sell

    I could see how much I could make from buying a product and selling it for higher on Facebook /ebay etc.

    I could see how much I could make in a month. Allowing for lots of smaller sales instead of one big one.

    6. Coaching

    I've done coaching training. I've written two books that help people coach themselves to a happier life. I've over 50 comics that help people coach themselves.

    I know how to help people find answers to their problems. Coaching pays well. I just need to find customers that would be willing to pay for my services.

    7. Animate

    I could animate some of my comics. I think my Easy! English/Chinese series would work even better in animated form. If I keep the animation simple dubbing/subtitles in any language would be easy.

    Animate The Rocco Effect comics.

    Animate a new music video.

    8. Share notes from books

    I could share all the notes I've took whilst reading. People love those lists and it gives me a change to solidify what I've learnt. If I have enough notes I could even make premium lists.

    9. Premium Lists

    I've already got a few up, but I've enough original content to make even more.

    Online Course - I could re upload my course here. The fact I can include writing is even better. I wanted to include tasks and questions for each lesson, but skillshare made that impossible to do.

    Easy! Chinese - A short series of comics that will teach you basic Chinese.By the end of the first set you'll be able to give a brief introduction of yourself.

    How to publish a book on amazon - It's easy. I could write up a short course on how to do it. I'll be competing against James so maybe I should focus on something else.

    Hidden Gems - A list of Tv shows/Films that you may have not heard of that are worth watching.

    10. New Job/house

    Maybe I should put all my focus into finding a new job. I can return to my own projects once I've decided what I'm doing and have my own place (In the UK or Teaching again in another country).

    I don't like working hard and getting nowhere. Job search is this on repeat. Great job, apply, get job, lousy contract, no room for negotiations, back to square one. I don't know if I can put all my focus into something that brings me so much dread. I need something that brings hope/happiness to my life.

    This needs done, but I'll put in just enough energy to keep it moving forward and not so much that I feel I'm wasting all my time.

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