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My one year plan

What do i hope to atchieve in the next year?

    1. More books

    I hope to write/release...

    'The Rocco Effect' sets 2 - 5.

    The Rocco Effect - Just The Comics

    2. Stand Up Set

    I've been writing jokes for the last 2 years. I've enough material to do a 15min set (might not be that great), so I'm sure i can squeeze out a 5 min set that people enjoy.

    If you want to see examples of my jokes check here -

    3. New Job

    I. really want to start using my mind again. Graftings easy, but i feel like a robot whilst working. I want to do something, only i can do. I've been looking at TEFL jobs in Viatnam. So far the jobs look great. Hopefully i will be teaching again before the end of this year.

    4. Merch

    Even if noone else buys it I would love to have merch with my own characters on it. A T-shirt with my characters would be a great conversation starter, hopefully leading to another fan of my work. Could i hire someone to clean up my designs so they are more marketable? How much would that cost?

    5. Write more songs

    I haven't written any in a while (And it's hard to call what i have done 'well written'). I enjoy singing about mad topics, hopefully I'm able to come up with a few more. Maybe i could perform one at a stand up set.

    The Moon -

    6. See old friends

    I always enjoy meeting up with old friends. No matter how much time passes we interact like no time has passed. I've friends all over the world, so seeing them would also mean seeing more of the world. win/win.

    7. 1 year idea streak

    1 list a day, for a year. It'll be difficult, but I'm sure i can do it.

    8. Read more great books

    This year i've gave up on a lot of books (Forgotten most). I just didn't feel i was learning much from them (How to be perfect, Framers). I'm not sure how i can garuntee i enjoy a book. I've disliked older books, and loved newer books.Maybe being disapointed is part of the gamble you take in order to learn something new.

    9. See more bands I love

    If I'm going to teach again i should see as many gigs as i can before hand. I love gigs and it was one of the things i missed most whilst in China.Next pay day I'll treat myself to a few gig tickets.

    10. Make a short film

    I love film making. I haven't done it in a long time. If i could make something with friends,before i leave it would serve as a nike keepsake.

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