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My Perfect Preschool

This week has been rough. I wish for no one to experience the week of Halloween with 15 kids under the age of 6. I was trying to think of some positives so I decided.. if I could create my own curriculum in my own space. What would it look like? Let me tell you.. It would be fabulous.

Now this would be one of those boujee private schools. I as there teacher would be paid like 75k a year to do all this. This might be a list I add to from time to time.

    1. 1 Full Hour of Recess Mid Day

    3 different areas that they rotate between every 20 minutes.

    Area 1: Gross Motor- This is things to build things like their arm muscles and leg muscles. Balls, Climbing Walls, Slides, Stairs and maybe just something heavy they can push around.

    Area 2: Fine Motor - Some sort of sensory board where there are dials and zippers and things they can use to make their fingers stronger.

    Area 3: A mix: Something that incorporates both.

    2. Choice Play- A Room Divided

    I have such a hard time with kids keeping certain toys in certain areas. I would have 4 separate ares separated by gates. The children would need to undo the latch on the gates in order to travel (Fine Motor Skills)

    House- A play house area

    Blocks-A block area to build things.

    Animals- An animal area where they can play with dinosaurs or gorillas.

    Doll House Area- They can play with a dream play house.

    3. All Crayons are Rock Crayons

    Have you seen these? They are amazing to teach kids how to hold a pencil correctly. I haven been breaking all of my crayons in half at school. I am worried that the kids are going home and breaking their crayons in half. The can't grip it like they are trying to stab something. They use their pinchers and pinch pinch pinch.

    4. 3 10 Minute Lessons

    10 minutes might be too much for some kids but you would have to be interviewed for this school. The kids that pass the interview could handle it.

    Three Sessions are:

    1.Reading/Writing: Basically letter/sound recognition MWF and writing practice T and Th

    2.Math: One to One correspondence and Patterns

    3.Social Studies and Science: Mostly new vocabulary and fun experiments

    5. 1 15 Minute Dance Party

    Kids LOVE to dance. It would be a playlist of YouTube Kid Dance Workout Videos with no commercials.

    6. 2 Read A Louds

    1 in the AM and 1 in the PM. Nothing special here but I feel like it could be more special.

    7. Color Coded Library

    A library with color coded bookshelves. Each book would have a 3 inch sticker on the back cover with the color that the book should go back to. Kids can put away their own books.

    8. 3 Meals a Day from Vending Machines

    The children will pick what they want to eat. Type in the number. Insert the correct token. I am not sure how the vending machine will cook the food...

    Meals: Breakfast, Lunch and Snack.

    9. Pick up and Drop off are staggered

    Two teachers = two kids can be picked up or dropped off at that 5 minute time slot. During that time the kids can be working on Ipads/sensory tables/coloring/looking at books etc. It gives the parents a quick time to check in with the teacher. Mini conferences. No lingering.

    10. Social Studies/Science Zoom

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday the kids will have an opportunity to zoom with different people from different professions. Let's say the theme is Animals: Monday zoom with a Zoo Keeper, Wednesday with a Marine Biologist and Friday with a Veterinarian.

    Can you imagine the confidence these kids will have for the rest of their lives if they had this opportunity?

    11. Wear what you want to school

    I mean most preschoolers do this but really they should be able to wear a costume to school everyday of the week if they wanted. It's not really done but I think it should. Let them wear PJ's. Let them be a unique as they want to be.

    12. Monday Art Class

    The kids just decorate the walls in the art room. It would be too distracting for the actual classroom but for the art room.. I think it would be fun.

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