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My Perfect Video Game in 10 Descriptions.

There are only three video games I have ever LOVED playing: 1: Where in the World is Carmen San Diego? 2. The Amazon Trail 3. Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

I have found for the most part that I LOVE educational Video Games. There is no reason for me to invest my time unless I am getting something from it. I am gaining some sort of knowledge. Well.. I have envisioned my ideal video game and here it is. Any billionaire investors around?

    1. The Detective Time Traveler

    But something that sounds much more clever. You are a detective. You go around the world asking famous people for clues to the crime that needs to be solved. You are a time traveler and so it may require you to go to different time periods. Maybe a little bit Dr. Who but minus the outer space travel.

    2. You choose your time period

    You start off in any time period you wish. There are so many elements to this game. This element is what I like to call The Sims element. You pick the time period in which you live. In this time period you are given the average salary of the time period and with that you are able to find a home from that time period. As you solve crimes in your game you receive money from that time period. When you accomplish a goal that money is converted to your time period money. I would connect some sort of AI to this. I feel like this is a very AI driven game. You can then build your house or buy important things from that time period with your money.

    Ex: You play as an early 1900's detective. You choose London as you're home city and you choose a quaint Victorian home. Maybe you solve a crime for royalty and are paid very well.. you go out and buy yourself a brand new automobile. Maybe you furnish you're home.

    3. Travel Anywhere in the World!

    This game is going to be very smart. It's connected to AI. You will be able to travel anywhere in the world.. ANYWHERE. Maybe it's the 60's and a clue takes you to the U.S.S.R. You need to find Nikita Khrushchev to ask him a question that will lead you to another clue. The path to get to Nikita Khrushchev might take you the Czechoslovak Socialist Republic. You might meet some popular figure there around the time. I don't know who it would be but the AI creating the game as you play does.

    4. Talk to Anyone Relatively Well Known during the time

    If a person was relatively well known during the time you may have a conversation with them to get more clues. Take the example above.. You can't just walk in to the USSR and expect to talk to Khrushchev. It might take you 10 connections to meet him. You may have to do some research in order to figure out where to go and who to talk to. The game might help you.. it might not. But can you imagine the amount of history you would learn while playing the game?

    5. Buy new clothes in each time period you travel to

    You will have to spend some of your money outfitting yourself in these decades but you can have an inventory of supplies. So that's nice. Like you can't go to Ancient Greece wearing a flapper girl dress. That would be silly.

    6. Think Tank

    You can create a think tank. You can form relationships with some of the people you interview and create a think tank. You can have up to 10 people and you can use each person once to help you problem solve a scenario. Again AI would be used to create the mind set of the person who is helping you. Ugh I love this idea. You would be able to actively learn how some famous people in history solved problems and maybe it can help you out in your day to day life.

    7. Can you go back in time and invest your money or place bets?

    No. I want to say yes but then you would become to noticeable and everyone would figure out that you can time travel and you'd be put away. but wait.. maybe that's another element to the game. How to play the market as to not create noise. If you make too much money you could be flagged and not be able to return to that time or something.

    8. You can bring people back with you

    Oh man.. I just thought of this one. Let's say you have a mansion on an island in the year 2018. You can bring back Jonas Salk with you to 2018 and explain to him that he needs to create a vaccine for Covid. You could bring Ford to the 21st century and ask him to design a modern car. I think he'd be down. If Ford could create a modern car.. what would it look like?

    9. Recommendations from Historical Figures

    When you're interviewing an historical figure they may answer you're question by telling you the answer you seek is in the book How to win friends and influence people by Dale Carengie. The only way to find the next person to interview is to actually read the book and through reading the book you find the solution or you have a conversation with the bot and ask for more clarity after having read it. I would totally be motivated to read a book if I could win a game.

    10. How to win the game

    I don't think you win the game. You can win prestige for several different elements of the game but you don't actually win. You win by gaining knowledge. You win by using your creativity. You win by challenging ideas and having "conversations" with interesting AI bots that challenge you to think differently. So where do I go to get this game made? I really want this game to exist.

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