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My Secret Journal For The Public

    1. I refuse to be one who indulges in the character assassination of another.

    2. It’s perfectly okay to say to anyone “No, that doesn’t work for me” without feeling the need to justify, explain, or make excuses for my answer.

    3. There’s no one in the world punishing me. There is a beneficial way to look at everything. I'm trained to look for the benefits.

    4. If I feel attacked or I feel a need to attack someone- I've totally misunderstood the situation. I must look deeper so that I can begin to understand that what I believed happened - never did. It was all in my mind.

    5. CULT is an acronym for - Can U Let Truth in? I am willing to allow Truth to be my teacher instead of a lie? I am willing to lead with love instead of hate?

    6. The dictionary definition of trouble is described as difficulty or problems, as public unrest or disorder, and as a cause of distress or anxiety. I do not see a good reason to ever cause or create trouble, do you?

    7. Sometimes I leave home to be with my sidepiece. I leave the whole of everything and settle for parts of nothing.

    8. I am notoriously wrong when I have a personal interest in any of my predictions. This is an indication that my psychic power is misfiring.

    It is only when my predictions are nonspecific and nonpersonal that my predictions have a chance of being spot on.

    9. Sometimes I put myself through the ultimate despair in order to experience a breakthrough.

    10. Sometimes I believe the only way to learn is to first feel I have to struggle with everything. At times in my life, this predicament seems so pervasive.

    11. There is one thing that makes life seem so difficult for me - resistance. When I resist “what is" I suffer.

    My life is one way and I wish it were a different way. What if, instead of resisting, I asked life what this situation right here has to teach me instead?

    12. There exists both the glory and the absurdity of the human condition. The glory is always there. The glory is always shining.

    If I give all of my attention to the absurdity, I’ll miss the glory.

    The glory is within the absurdity. I know when I’ve seen the glory because I laugh instead of frown, at the absurdity of it all.

    13. Crucifying myself or others has no more value than what I learn from it. If I learn nothing the crucifixion becomes a tragedy.

    14. The more something good happens, the more I trust the process, and the more frequently good things occur. Miracles can only arise from a miraculous state of mind. It's all mental.

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