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My sleep tips

    1. Don't drink caffeine after 2pm

    2. Be cold under enough blankets

    3. Get the right kind of sleep mask

    I don't have a specific recommendation, you might have to try a bunch of different ones until you get the right one. For me, it's these vacuformed ones that accomodate your nose and block out all light

    4. You might get sleep paralysis and it's ok

    5. Do a body check

    Start from your head and work down to your toes thinking about every part in as small a step as you can. It's kind of a meditation

    6. Do a little ritual

    Here's a YouTube video of Dr. Pratt's Rapid Relaxer:

    Almost any kind of ritual like this should work as long as you believe in it.

    7. No blue light

    Get some yellow or orange glasses to block blue light. You can get cheap $5 yellow glasses or get really expensive ones, it shouldn't matter.

    8. Coffee nap

    If you are really tired and losing focus and need to stay awake (I use it on a long road trips) get a cup of coffee, down it as fast as you can, and konk out. You should wake up in 10-20 minutes awakened.

    9. Beer nap

    You can do a beer (or shot of booze) nap like a coffee nap, but it's more like 2 hours. If you drink regularly this won't work. Also, if you have 2 drinks, it probably won't work either.

    10. Sleep naked in clean sheets

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