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My Thoughts On AI

    1. I don't know a lot about AI

    I am still learning about this AI stuff. You know, the CHAT-GPT-AI or whatever it is called. And this is a very informal list about the topic. Just some quick thoughts focusing on what I think AI could be used for in a creative sense. It will not be broad or lengthy, just a few bullet points. And focusing on one aspect of AI.

    2. AI could be used for visual storytelling/filmmaking

    Could AI be used to level the playing field for wannabe filmmakers? Perhaps. I know this is already being done to some extent...isn't there a Seinfeld AI thing that writes and then performs the scripts? I am fairly certain that is the case (I am just writing this list without researching; as James might recommend, just go with the flow of ideas and see what happens).

    3. What if AI did not write the script...you did, and AI did the rest!

    That's what I really would like to see. AI basically does the hard job. Then, everyone can have their dream of seeing a story of theirs suddenly rendered in some fashion, some visual-plotted fashion. Every time I watch an episode of something like "Night Gallery," I always fantasize I am a writer who could send in one of my stories/scripts and then see it lensed...not to become rich necessarily, but simply to see my idea executed and then have the ability to watch it; to see what I want to see. AI maybe could fulfill this fantasy.

    4. AI is in its early stages

    This is an understatement: AI is in its infancy. To do what I am talking about would merely mean cartoon-like stuff for now.

    5. But...when AI gets better...

    When AI gets better, it might be able to create character faces/bodies based on descriptions in scripts. Yes, the first applications would be adult-entertainment in nature, but going beyond that, imagine if one could create actors out of descriptions, realistic-looking ones, and then animate them, but not in a CGI/Pixar way, but something that looks like what one sees in movies or short films? Then...

    6. Monetization

    What if there were a platform that could monetize these short or feature-length creations? Just like YouTube monetizes creator videos now? Let's say I write a script called "The Monster from the Black Hole", and it is a clever, concept-driven short film that has synthetic AI actors and looks really well-done, like a real film...maybe it gets tens of millions of views like Mr. Beast and I make money from ad revenue?

    7. These are not original thoughts, what are you talking about?!

    Sure, people are already probably thinking along these lines. But...how much VC capital has been allocated toward it so far? I don't know, but the point is, AI must be sharpened for this future. And it must be very, very clear what I am talking about: the ability to essentially use AI to monetize ideas. Because remember, everyone makes fun of people like us, people with ideas...they say, yeah, right, you have an idea, but you have no funding, you can't execute, it's all in the execution...but is that strictly accurate? Sure, I can't fund or make a Mr. Beast-type video...but if AI could, and it could be a tool I could use, then the field is leveled and idea-generation becomes something everyone could use to monetize themselves, their thoughts...they wouldn't need directors or producers or whoever. And it would truly be based on meritocracy. It would be like a computer-programming language where English - or whatever normal language - is used instead of code.

    8. We all could be anonymous creators

    I don't think I could ever be a YouTube creator on camera. What if I had an AI-generated avatar that maybe looked a little like me, but better? What if I used this avatar to introduce my AI-filmed scripts?

    9. AI Saturday Night Live

    Imagine a new type of video game taking into account the above. Saturday Night Live. You script the sketches, it takes care of the rest, using cast members from past and present...and new ones generated by AI based on your descriptions.

    10. Final idea...for now...

    Remember: all this content could be sold by people like you and me, sold on platforms monetized by ad revenue and other stuff. Maybe real actors could license their digital likenesses to be in these films. George Clooney or Nic Cage or Meryl Streep might receive a percentage of all monetization sums derived from content in which they appear. If the coming future means many of us won't have as many job opportunities because of AI and robots and the like, then we need ways to monetize ourselves, our thoughts, our ideas. If a UBI is not forthcoming, then perhaps something like this could help...thank you for reading this very roughly, very quickly written list...

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