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Mystical Insights: 7 Quotes by Ibn Arabi (2 min 48 sec)

Ibn Arabi lived during the 12th and 13th centuries.
He was a prolific Muslim scholar, philosopher, and mystic who emphasized the unity of all existence and the realization of divine love through self-knowledge.

    1. "The one who knows himself knows his Lord."

    Self-awareness and self-realization are pathways to connecting with a greater spiritual truth.
    By gaining a deep insight into ourselves, we can also attain a deeper understanding of God.

    2. The most complete of believers in faith are those with the best character."

    Having virtuous qualities, moral integrity, and displaying ethical behavior are integral aspects of genuine faith.
    Aligning our beliefs with righteous actions and treating others with kindness, compassion, and integrity is a demonstration of faith.

    3. "The universe is a complete and perfect living being, endowed with consciousness, intelligence and will."

    The universe is not merely a collection of lifeless matter, but rather a unified and conscious entity.
    The universe is consciousness, intelligence, and volition.
    The universe is an interconnected and self-regulating system, operating with purpose and intention.

    4. "The true knower is one who is aware of his ignorance."

    When we acknowledge our own ignorance we're open to learning and expanding our understanding.
    By acknowledging what we do not know, we create space for growth, curiosity, and the willingness to seek wisdom.

    5. "The entire universe is within you. Ask all from yourself."

    Within each of us lies the vastness of the entire universe.
    Each one of us has the capacity to access wisdom, knowledge, and resources from within ourself.
    We possess inherent power, creativity, and the ability to find guidance and fulfillment from within.
    Don't be afraid to tap into your inner resources, intuition, and inner knowing to navigate life's challenges.

    6. "The wisdom of God manifests itself in the diversity and multiplicity of His creation."

    God's wisdom is revealed through the rich tapestry of life, with each element and being serving a unique purpose in the grand design.

    7. "Verily, knowledge is a lock and its key is the question."

    Knowledge is not passively obtained but actively pursued through the act of questioning and seeking answers.

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