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Nature's Relentless Truth. (2 min 15 sec)


    1. Meet Cedar Fox.

    He is rugged, tough, resilient, and able to handle harsh conditions. He's physically strong, resourceful, and adaptable.
    Cedar Fox lives a subsistence lifestyle. He focuses on obtaining just what he needs to survive, with minimal extra. He hunts, fishes, gathers food, and makes his own shelter and tools.
    "Mother Nature is always working against you and trying to reclaim every inch of ground as soon as you're born, you're dying, actually. And it's like anything you build here is the same thing. It's dying as soon as you erect it." Cedar
    What lessons can we learn from Cedar Fox and Mother Nature?
    The world we see is an illusion, and everything in it is transient and ephemeral. This aligns with Cedar Fox's view that anything we build in nature is constantly being reclaimed and undone.
    Cedar Fox's statement that Mother Nature is always working against us underscores the idea that we are not in control of the natural world. Our attempts to control the world are futile, as it is an illusion created by our own minds.
    Cedar Fox's subsistence lifestyle, where he focuses on obtaining just what he needs to survive, is a metaphor for the spiritual path. We are encouraged to focus on the inner journey, letting go of attachments to the external world and its fleeting nature. By doing so, we find stability that is not dependent on the ephemeral nature of the world.
    Cedar Fox's acceptance of the harsh conditions and impermanence of nature is a form of surrender. Surrendering our ego's need for control and acceptance of "what is" leads to freedom from the illusions of the world.
    Cedar Fox's comment about Mother Nature highlights the impermanence and fragility of our creations in the natural world. It also points to the importance of focusing on the inner journey and the value of surrendering.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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