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Navigating Spiritual Deception and Finding a New Perception. (2 min 9 sec)


    1. Melody Grace, a pianist who sought spiritual guidance at a church, now feels tainted by her experience.

    She expresses difficulty in accepting that she allowed such blatant deception to happen to her.
    Old Perception: Filtered by ego, fear, and judgment. Sees separation and conflict.
    New Perception: Guided by the Holy Spirit. Sees love, unity, and peace.
    New Perception emphasizes the importance of forgiveness and letting go of past experiences. Melody could use this principle to release her negative emotions associated with her experience at the church, recognizing that holding onto these feelings only perpetuates her own suffering.
    New Perception teaches that our perceptions are distorted by our own fears and biases. Melody might consider that her perception of the church as "bad" is a reflection of her own inner turmoil rather than an objective reality. This shift in perspective could help her see the situation more clearly and move forward.
    New Perception encourages seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit rather than external authorities. Melody could turn to the Holy Spirit for comfort and direction, trusting that she will receive the support she needs to heal.
    New Perception emphasizes personal responsibility and self-reflection. Melody might reflect on her own role in allowing the negative experience to occur, acknowledging any personal fears she contributed to the situation. This self-awareness will empower her to make positive changes and take control of her spiritual journey.
    By applying these principles from New Perception, Melody will find a new way to perceive her situation, letting go of negative emotions and moving towards a path of healing and spiritual growth.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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