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New Business

These suggestions could be for anyone that lives in a tourist area (including me!). Most of these action steps are creating marketing materials for your business that can exist for free.

New Business

    1. Create a video channel on YouTube to show what there is to do where you live: this is marketing

    2. Write a Substack column on things to do

    3. Write EBooks about best surfing and fishing spots

    If you include times of year and what you could expect and add pictures these could be 40-50 page books. Offer them on the kindle program and they are free advertising and also add credibility. Also you will learn a ton by writing books, even about topics that you are already an expert in.

    4. If you like Twitter, Facebook or other social channels use those to get your message out

    5. Figure out what your really want to do and then create a brand: this brand will help guide what you will do and it can also publish all of your content

    For example, your company could be called Outdoor, North Carolina or Outer Banks Explorers or anything else that makes sense to you. Make it open ended enough so that you could publish books and videos about whatever you felt like and it would still make sense.

    6. After you have created this marketing material you can now start making money

    7. Charge for guided corporate team building outings

    These could be for an afternoon or a week and could potentially be worth 5 figures or even 6 figures for a larger group. You could hire yoga instructors and motivational speakers combined with fishing and surfing. You could do a few of these a year.

    8. Family reunion planning

    Set up the whole thing with hotels and barbecue and fishing trips. One stop shop

    9. Daily fishing or surfing guide

    10. Partner with you local chamber of commerce to bring in tourist groups: work with hotels and restaurants to create memorable vacations

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