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New design ideas

I like designs that are mystical and serve as a small snapshot of a bigger story.

    1. Toucan on a streetlight surrounded by trees

    What's a streetlight doing there?

    2. Robot roaming the desert. Small fox follows behind. Western town ahead of them. Crashed UFO in foreground

    Why is a fox following a robot?  What's in the town?  Why is there a crashed UFO?

    3. Owl in tree. Panda crosses a wooden bridge. Barrel pours green liquid into river.

    Whys a panda crossing a bridge?  Whys it in the same location as an owl?  What's the green liquid?

    4. Monkey swimming in sea. Boans lye on the seabed. Android fish fill the sea.

    Why's the monkey swimming?

    Who's boans?

    Why are the fish robotic?

    5. Yellow duck sits alone in an empty bar.

    I had an idea of putting a yellow duck in lot's of depressing situations and have a positive quote accomping the peice.

    6. Lemar sitting on a gravestone in the middle of a graveyard. CRT tv in the foreground.

    Why's a Lemar in a graveyard?  

    Why's a TV in a graveyard?

    How is it turned on?

    7. Cat lying on bed. Posters on walls. Open window showing the night sky. Ufos in sky.

    What's going on outside?

    Does the cat know?

    Would it care even if it was aware?

    8. Bats inside a dark cave. Sunchair and newspapers. Rabbit walks through.

    Bats belong in a cave but they're cool.  

    What's with the sunchair and newspapers?

    Why's a rabbit there?

    9. Penguin at a skatepark. Fire in background.

    This one needs more work.

    Why's a penguin in a skatepark?

    Who started the fire?  Why?

    10. Mouse in the top floor of an office building. Clouds outside.

    Why's the building so high?
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