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New Notepd features we'd like to see

I love this site and want to continue to see it grow. 

    1. Folders

    I've gotten to the point now where folders are needed. I have multiple projects on the go - Popeman, tshirt designs, psychological biases and other smaller ideas that could grow into something bigger. 

    Maybe that's what tags are for and I've just been misusing them. With folders you'd be able to add others lists as well and compile a sort of playlist of your favourites. 

    2. Stickers

    Everyone loves stickers. Once you reach a 100 day streak you get one, when you win a challenge you get one, when you win 10 challenges you get one, once you receive 100 likes ect. 

    This gives people small challenges to work towards as they write their lists and prompts them into doing more with the site (create a challenge, branch someone else's idea, create a discussion ect.) 

    Who doesn't want to show that their an idea king/Queen? 

    3. Podcast related challenges

    James could post challenges related to the upcoming podcast and share the best ideas with his guest (what other podcast can offer that). Guests could also leave a challenge at the end of the episode, encouraging them to visit the site and send their fans. 

    4. Book takeaways

    A new type of challenge. We collectively add to one collective list with our takeaways from certain books. This will all us to easily remember the most important points and allows for potential readers to get a good insight on what they can expect to learn. 

    Would a collective list be useful for other topics? 

    5. Conversation

    A simple status about what people thought of the most recent podcast could start a discussion and hopefully bring us all closer together. I love the community we have here having more reasons to talk to everyone can only be a good thing. 

    Maybe I can share questions from my book to start my own conversations. Providing proof of concept for my book. 

    6. Book writing challenge

    This month's topic is X. Write your book, publish and share link in this thread. It gives us a push to create. You'll have others to help with the process. You have a book by the end of the challenge. 

    It could branch out to other businesses. Create a podcast. Create a tshirt. Create a premium list. Create an online course ect. 

    7. Diary

    A new list that links to a calender (actually a calender would be great regardless. It would make finding older lists a lot easier). You can record your day and keep track of what makes a day good /bad. 

    I do this when I'm on holiday and it's nice to look back and remind myself of the fun I had whilst there. 

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