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New ways people are making money that wasn't there 10/5 years ago

What are the new ways that someone could benefit from that can earn a livingĀ 

    1. Microjobs

    Any job that can be broken down into small tasks that can be done online. Like, "I need someone to make me 50 animated emojis for my website" or "I want 100 photos of dogs with Santa hats on their heads".

    2. Affiliate Marketing

    Someone sells something on Amazon and they give you a cut if you send them customers. For example, I am an affiliate for a company that makes high quality backpacks.

    3. Selling your expertise

    Selling courses on platforms like Skillshare or Teachable. Or selling microcredentials on platforms like Credly.

    4. Selling your products on Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon)

    For example, I sell mugs on Amazon and ship them from an Amazon warehouse but I buy the mugs from Amazon. The cost of the mug is about $5 but I sell it for $20 so I make a huge profit margin.

    5. Freelance work

    Like Upwork or Fiverr but with more specialized jobs than most sites offer.

    6. Writing articles for websites that pay writers money (like this site)

    This was always possible but there are more sites now than ever before that do this and pay money instead of ad revenue

    7. Crypto trading / investing / staking / staking pools / etc

    Note: this is not an endorsement of any particular crypto-related company or service
    But many people are making good money daytrading cryptocurrencies, investing in ICOs, etc
    ,and it's not going away anytime soon so it's worth mentioning here as a way people can make money
    Note also that there are many ways to lose money in cryptos so people should be careful and diversified when investing in cryptos

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