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New Year, New You

A new year means a totally new opportunity to change your life.

You just broke up with 2022 and 2023 is your new partner. Forget all that old baggage, what do you want this new year to look like and hold for you?

Get really specific

    1. Schedule more friend dates

    I call them friend dates.

    Friends are just like your romantic partner without the sex.

    I used to think I was horrible at making new friends and then I went to college. I had more friends than I could even deal with. Which then got me into trouble that is for another idea list.

    What changed?

    How did I go from zero friends to a filled up friend list?

    It did not happen overnight, but first I was obviously more social than I was before. I went to places where people hangout. I went to classes, meetups, parties, the popular local coffee shop, I joined my college major club etc.

    Going to events is a great way to meet people and eventually you find the people you click with, but that is not what filled up my calendar.

    It was planning friend dates/events.

    I scheduled dinners. I rented space and held parties for people. I had parties at local houses. I had outdoor events.

    People would come to the party and I would be the host and instantly become friends with the people that came. Because they all want to know who the host is.

    Then I made friends with the sports teams and invited them and their friends to the parties.

    And then you curate that list of friends.

    You can reach and say "Hi, I remembered that we met at X, I would love to go to dinner and catch up." Or invite to your next event. Once people know that you are a fun person they will start inviting you to their events.


    Do not let your social life overtake your normal life. Because it can.

    I stopped doing all of it, because I wanted achieve more personal/professional goals.

    In 2023, I am going to strike a balance between being social and achieving my professional goals.

    2. Visit 2 new countries

    I have not visited much of central or south America. This is going to be my year to visit one more state that I have not been to and then to visit 2 countries that are different from the USA.

    I just reached platinum status with American Airlines so I will be taking full advantage of that.

    3. Connect with other professionals

    Project Management. Entreprenuers. YouTubers. I would like to meet a variety of different professionals and pick their brains.

    4. Provide more value to an audience

    Be more consistent about providing valuable content.

    5. Learn about marketing myself and a business

    Right now I do not know much about marketing. But I will like to learn and market more of myself.

    6. See more music concerts

    Lots of good ones coming up.

    - Taylor Swift

    - Pink

    - Shania Twain

    I'm sure there will be more when the summer roles around.

    7. Give more gifts to family and friends

    Was thinking about subscribing to a flower delivery service and then sending flowers to the important people in my life on: Birthdays and holidays.

    8. Read more books

    Reading through Leonardo Da Vinci by Water Isaacson right now.

    9. Plan out more meals and get in better shape

    Be more proactive about mundane tasks.

    10. Publish a book, create a course, do some work on upwork

    It is coming along.

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