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Next steps for The Rocco Effect

What can I add to my website to make it even more awesome?

    1. Updated comics

    I could add all my comics and update them to fix small mistakes.

    2. Reframe patterns

    Patterns to represent reframes so I can add even more products.

    3. More quotes

    I love quotes.  This will be a collection that I'll never stop adding to.

    4. Religious collection

    I'm not religious, but I'd be stupid to suggest there's no good in religion.  I could share the part's I love about different religions and show how much good they all do have in common.

    5. Lyric Collection

    I love music.  Maybe I could share my favourite lyrics.  Would this be allowed or do the bands own the copyright?  Surely a small chunk could be used in a similar way quotes are.

    6. Animation Collection

    I studied animation.  I love it.  I could share a few of my favourite quotes from animation.  I'd love to show the world that it's more than simple kid's entertainment.

    7. Psychological Bias Blog

    As I continue to write my book I could share biases and get criticism as I go.  Maybe this will result in a better book.

    8. Daily Advice videos

    I can make a blog where I post a new video everyday.  A short 60 second video with a bit of advice to improve the day.  I could even make these into a podcast.

    9. Gratitude Collection

    Designs based off thing's we should all be grateful for.
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