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NFT ideas

NFT ideas

    1. cull through my photos and turn them into NFTs

    2. make NFTs out of work I already have done

    Make links from my portfolio site and/or my pornographic art

    3. doubling scheme

    Sell editions of my work, first one sells for $1, then $2, then $4, then $8, $16, $32, etc and see how high I can get it to go. Maybe use a different factor, like instead of doubling, tripling.

    4. build a device to sell NFTs in galleries

    Build a custom app that will be a slideshow of my NFTs with QR codes where you buy them quickly with a phone. A simple slide deck would be a great MVP. Make the app have a small footprint that you can run on a cheap computer / arduino. Enter it in gallery shows. Does such an app exist? Research it.

    5. make a 10 idea list of new NFT designs I can make

    6. attach NFTs to the eBugs

    Sell NFTs of my eBugs

    7. create NFTs QR code stencils

    Make my own graffiti, collaborate with artist, or just steal their work by adding my QR code. Figure out how to anonymize it so that it's not traced back to me and I don't get in trouble. Create an illegal crime ring of NFT QR code taggers.

    8. NFT twitter bot

    Build a site that makes any tweet into an NFT

    9. NFTs for performances or art 'happenings'

    10. sell shares of me in NFT form

    Could also make a crypto share. Assume 8.6 Million dollar lifetime net worth, divide into shares and sell them.

    11. Do random AI art and sell as NFTs

    Just use the cover art generator in NotePD

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