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No Loops, Just Love. (1 min 42 sec)


    1. Unlooping the mind.

    Our minds do not like open loops.
    What's an open loop? 
    It's unfinished business. A problem we think needs solving. A thought that won't go away. It nags us. It demands attention.
    We try to close these loops. Any way we can. Even with false solutions. We crave closure. We want resolution. But is this the answer?
    Our only real problem is our perceived separation from God. And that's already solved. We just don't know it yet.
    What we see as "open loops" aren't real. They're illusions. Products of our ego mind. Reflections of our belief in separation.
    Love does not ask us to close these loops. It invites us to look past them. To see their unreality. To practice true forgiveness.
    True forgiveness isn't about fixing errors. It's about recognizing they never happened. It's seeing past the illusion. Straight to the truth.
    The Holy Spirit teaches us this. He shows us that errors have no real effects. If we consistently overlook them, they disappear.
    So what do we do with open loops? 
    We don't close them. We don't fight them. We look beyond them. We turn to the Holy Spirit for guidance.
    We remember our oneness with God. With each other. In this oneness, no real problems exist. No loops to close. Just peace to embrace.
    Fruit ain't in the world. True satisfaction isn't found outside ourselves. It's within. In our recognition of our true Self. Our oneness with God.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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