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"No one can be angry at a fact. God is a fact. Jesus is a fact." (1 min 37 sec)

Anger arises from the ego's perception of a situation, not objective facts. Anger is always a response to a perceived threat or injustice, not a genuine reaction to a fact.
God and Jesus are undeniable realities. Anger aimed at them is misdirected because They exist independently of personal beliefs.

    1. The world is an illusion. The physical world we perceive is a projection of our thoughts.

    Forgiveness is the means to release the mind from grievances.
    Perceptions can be healed.
    Miracles are natural expressions of love.
    Love is our true nature. 
    The ego is a false sense of self rooted in fear.
    The Holy Spirit is a Divine Inner Guide that helps us discern between ego-based thoughts and those aligned with love.
    We have the power to choose our thoughts, perceptions, and interpretations.
    Time is a construct of the ego, true reality exists beyond the limitations of past, present, and future.
    What we do to others, we do to ourselves.
    These are the FACTS Mighty Companions.
    Formless Awareness. Beyond all forms and concepts.
    All-Inclusive. Transcends any notion of exclusion.
    Consciousness. Awareness inherent in all beings.
    Transcendence of Duality. Recognizes the unity of all things.
    Self-Realization. Understanding the direct experiential of one's true nature as this Formless Awareness.
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