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Thinking when I wake up that I really only have annoyances, inconveniences, delays, etc.

    1. When I think of something I have “an issue” with, it’s really not normally a problem

    It may be a complication - such as I retired but nobody seemed to notice - everybody wants something now - many can’t seem to get anything done for themselves - and they act like I should just do it for them - NOT GONNA HAPPEN - I’m busier now trying to get rid of the email, texts, etc. where there’s literally nothing in it for me - I don’t need the aggravation - so unless it’s a wildly wonderful interesting idea, I say NO most of the time - it’s not in line with my purpose

    2. My thinking is like a typical Type A person with an ongoing “self-chill” order

    I worked extremely hard for more than 40 years because I had to support a bunch of people I loved and cared about - but after they all went their own ways - I ended up with more time and money - they were off my payroll - so just a different situation but no problem

    3. Most of what I see is something I could improve upon or think I could do better than whomever is doing it, from businesses to who knows what

    It’s difficult to keep my mouth shut sometimes - but my mind is always in observation mode

    4. Kinda like “not my monkeys” and “not my circus”

    Or “thank you God - that I do not have to deal with that” - praying for those who do have to deal with more than they think they can do - trying to be kind and helpful to those who are in my immediate existence

    5. Kinda like water off a duck’s back

    Don’t want to dwell on things I have no direct control over - but praying “tuned in” for those who need it - it’s a higher vibration thing

    6. Communication is normally more of an issue now

    People always tend to have an agenda - it’s always a disappointment to me - there seems to be more of an issue in getting past people’s agendas to have a real conversation/communication about facts, business, etc. - or even what we have in common

    7. Today I had to communicate an engineering issue which several people could not comprehend

    It’s almost like they have blinders on - or just willfully aren’t listening - want their way on everything, but want YOU to pay for it - even when the only benefit accrues to them or there’s literally no need to do something

    8. It’s as if physical science doesn’t exist for some people

    Physics does not give a hoot about politics - politics will never change the basics of physics - humans have tried that before and it led to nothing but trouble

    9. There may be an issue with something being physically dangerous vs. just not aesthetically pleasing visually

    Something may not look perfect, but it may be operating safely - so you don’t throw money away because you don’t like the way something looks when to disturb it when it’s working safely may do more long term damage to a useful life than when you leave it alone, inspect it on a regular basis, keep it clean & maintained, and when it reaches a point closer to the end of its useful life, then you replace it

    10. Soooo, when you find yourself thinking of things in terms of problems

    See if you can start thinking of things in terms of improvements - what can you do to be helpful in a situation? or what can you think of that would be an improvement on the situation?

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