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Non-digital stuff to get kids' creativity & critical thinking skills going

We're midway into summer break and I'm running out of ideas - HELP!

Would love ideas that don't involve gadgets to get young kids' creativity & critical thinking skills going. Plus points if they're low effort with tons of impact for busy WFH parents (or just caregivers in general)

    1. Alternative endings to fairy tales & other common stories

    I tell the original story then let my kids yak it out on how they'd like the story to end.. We've had Little Red's dad do a cameo with the 3 little pigs and Elsa & Anna being REALLY a part of the OG Snow Queen :-p

    2. What ride would you like to have (and why?)

    I ask this to keep kids entertained/busy while we hunt for an empty parking slot (or walk to our car)

    3. In-person visits / walks to relatives / neighbors

    Not always possible, but we try to squeeze this in the afternoons so they get to interact with people of different age levels

    4. Putting common *things* together >> toys/ clothes/ books/ puzzle pieces/ blocks

    Sorting stuff around the house to help me put things away, too!!

    5. Making lists (and ticking off the stuff in there!)

    When we have big family events or stuff coming up, I ask my older kid to write down a list of stuff to prepare. This channels some of her excitement

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