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Note Aloud

    1. The Aha Moment

    I've been stymied for a while with my writing. I wanted to write about tech (PKM, note taking, Second Brain) AND life (oneness, connection, a gentle life). They didn't seem to work together at all. It was either/or.

    2. Notes were the answer

    I was reading something about Tana. It talked about what connects notes. The clue was in my note taking.

    3. Intersection

    If our disparate notes are often connected in random ways, it made sense that my writing about separate topics could have a connection too.

    4. A new project

    I've let these thoughts percolate. But I was itching to start a new project. Today Chris and I brainstormed some domain name ideas. I wanted to use words like 'note' and 'connect'. He came up with Note Allowed (partly because he often says jokingly 'not allowed' - long story). Then I changed it to Note Aloud.

    5. It covers multiple bases

    I want to show that tech is for everyone even those who doubt their abilities. I want to share my ideas more widely (hence the 'aloud' bit). I really want to make sense of writing about tech and some of my other, rather metaphysical interests. Let's see where this takes me!

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