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NotePD but for Musical Projects

The world is changing. Quite rapidly.

A.I. is slowly proving that (many) human jobs are irrelevant. As computers continue to write better, draw better, and make music better, what's left for people?

Authentic connection.

Human-to-Human. Heart-to-Heart. There's something magical about genuine creative collaborations.

There are so many talented musicians out there whose music we'll never hear because they didn't have the right network of creatives minds around them.

The time is long overdue that musicians had a platform to brainstorm ideas together.

Every song starts with a seed. Some people are good at creating seeds, but bad at getting them to sprout. Some people are good at getting them to sprout, but they don't have any seeds. These types of people should meet.

I envision an app like NotePD, but instead of words, you're sharing sound samples. A guitar riff. A bit of piano. A drum beat. Even humming a few notes into an iPhone.

Listeners can take the sample and build upon the idea by adding another layer. Or they could re-imagine the piece using their own personal taste and flavor.

Maybe musical relationships would blossom over the globe. Maybe we'd unite the next Lennon and McCarthy.

If an app like NotePD but for Musical Projects existed, what would be its key features?

    1. Sound samples

    A simple example would be a beat sample. You can upload a beat or use a soundcloud url. Or even use the built-in microphone on an iPhone to record a beat on the spot.

    2. Song ideas

    People can post song ideas, either with lyrics or just the music idea.

    3. Creatives

    Creative types can join the community and start following other creatives they are interested in working with.

    4. Feeding each other ideas

    For instance, if I have a song idea with some lyrics and I want to find someone who can help me finish it, I'd post it to NotePD for Musicians and see if anyone is interested in collaborating.

    5. Follow feed

    similar to Twitter but only people you follow are posting their ideas for songs they want to collaborate on
    And people can "like" them so they get notified when that song gets worked on by others

    6. Matchmaking engine

    based on interests, common collaborators, etc
    , suggests users who might be a good fit for each other
    Also allows users to search for specific people they want to work with

    7. Built-in collaboration tools

    similar to NotePD but tailored for musicians (and maybe even more sophisticated) allows people to collaborate in real time as well as track changes made by each collaborator
    Also allows for sending back and forth sound files so multiple collaborators can work together at once without having to send files back and forth between them

    8. Analytics about which genres are most popular among members of the community and which ones are trending up/down so members of the community know what genres they should be focusing on if they want their music heard by as many people as p

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