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NotePD for Teams

Inspired by @harnessmoney 's list. I thought about how teams can use NotePD.

This is how I would want to use it.

The assumption is that we can create teams or groups within NotePD. And also sort of rooms or channels. I haven't thought about this properly.

SaaS-based idea generation, idea inventory, knowledge management tool? :)

    1. Team Tenets - Pinned

    Autonomous teams need principles to guide them make decisions. Unlike core values, tenets evolve and can change from year to year or quarter to quarter. Here is one from Amazon:

    Security is measurable: We produce and communicate metrics on the effectiveness of our security programs.

    Team members will have a static page with all the pinned items, including Team Tenets.

    2. Team Goals - Pinned

    Similar to the above.

    3. NotePD embedded in the main company portal

    Every company has some sort of portal with all the company news, training, weather, etc.

    NotePD widget or API pulls data to show the top liked ideas, most answered challenge, etc.

    4. Knowledge Inventory

    Teams have difficulty building FAQs or product manuals at the end of the project or releases. Usually, different teams are responsible for writing the documents.

    NotePD can help teams create pieces that will go to the final documents. For example, developers can create idea lists along their code releases. No release is accepted without a NotePD list, which can be a list of FAQs for that specific feature, 10 snapshots with explanations, etc.

    The list can also be the assumptions behind the architectural decisions, which can serve as data to be used later when people question certain decisions.

    5. Onboarding new hire

    By joining a team, a new hire can access team tenets, goals, tools lists, training, etc.

    6. Portfolio Management

    Companies have portfolios with many initiatives and products to achieve their goals. Each product team can have its NotePD page or channel with all the ideas, list of features, list of failures, etc.

    Managers can have a view, maybe a visual tree, of all items in the portfolio, check the list, and pick the ones with the most like or review to invest in.

    No product can start without answering a list of questions, a NotePD list.

    7. Hacker channel or page

    People create challenges they face at work, like how to code certain algorithms or how to write an excel macro.

    People can respond with a list, code snippet, explanation, etc.

    8. NotePD as Kaggle or stackoverflow

    People put challenges for specific topics, and winners get points that can be used to get free stuff. Management can encourage knowledge sharing in this way. This can drive engagement upward.

    9. I am sure there are many more

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