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Notes from a Julia Cameron webinar

Find out more about Julia Cameron on @JamesAltucher's podcast.

    1. Morning Pages

    Write first thing in the morning. 3 pages of long hand morning writing. Skip topic to topic. Clearing away/siphoning off negatitivty. Brain drain - drain everything that stands in the way of you and your creativity. Morning Pages are inspirational. Put you in touch with a larger power. Say things that surprise you.

    Writes with 27 Uni-ball flowing writer pen? in black.

    Uses a 8.5 x 11 page size notebook - room to ruminate

    Doesn't re-read. It's a form of meditation. Cloud thoughts. Thoughts that come cruising through. Pages are a tough love friend. Topic will come up over and over again until you deal with it. Pages are a nag.

    Write by hand. Direct connection between heart and hand.

    Drop into a well of an inner source of inspiration.

    Write in the morning, laying out a trajectory for the day ahead.

    Grab the time that you have available.

    Gets guidance after Morning Pages. Asks questions and writes down what she hears.

    2. Artist Date

    Once a week, go out and have fun. Have to work on your creativity with Morning Pages. Artist Date - go out and have fun. What does play have to do with working on your creativity? The play of ideas - is a prescription. Play and you will have ideas.

    The Artist Date replenishes the well. Something whimsical and allow the higher power to work in your life - the Muse/Universe. It refills the inner well.

    Focus on your own experience.

    3. Walking

    Go for 20 minutes x 2/week. Walk out empty handed, no phone, no access to anything except your own consciousness. No dog or the dog will take you for a walk. Stretch your body, stretch your mind.

    4. The Daily Quota

    A small amount of writing you commit yourself to doing daily. Write then put it aside. No more than your daily quota. Self-worth builds up by your accountability to the quota.

    5. Writing Stations

    Places you're comfortable writing. Different places for different types of writing.

    6. Perfection

    'I'm too busy' = 'I'm too busy to do it perfectly'.

    Write: 'If I didn't have to do it perfectly, I'd ...' x 10

    Perfection is a myth and something we use to beat ourselves up. Dismantle perfectionism to get to the page.

    Don't edit as you go along. You're laying track. Don't rewrite, polish, obsess. Drafts this way come out interesting, original.

    7. Originality

    If I'm going to write, I have to write better than anyone has ever written. Not 'originality' that makes you resonate, it's whether the piece is heart felt enough. Remember that originality has at its root, 'origin'. We are the origin of our own work. Not competing with other writers.

    The Right to Write - a manifesto that said we are all writers and have a right to try writing. Inspirational, exhortative. Encouraging. Current book more hands on and practical.

    8. Inner critics

    Critic perches on our shoulder and says negative things. Say, thanks for sharing.

    Treat yourself like a precious object.

    9. End quote

    Julia Cameron: 'Allow me to help you, to give you little tips. Have humour, don't be deadly earnest. Use rhyming'.

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