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(Observation Only) Your smartphone says a lot about you...

Can you estimate how devoted someone is to personal development based on the type of phone they use?

66.4% of people who listen to podcasts listen on an Apple iPhone, while only 19.5% listen on any kind of android device.

55% of people who listen to podcasts listen to learn something new.

I put this to the test in my personal life, anytime I met or talked to someone with an android phone, I asked them "Hey do you listen to podcasts?" Not once did I hear a yes. It was always a "Na, I don't have time for that." Then I asked them more about their personal lives, turns out most of them spend a lot of time playing video games or watching mindless TV.

This is a general statement, and it's simply an observation, I mean no harm in saying it:

But, if you put two people side by side, one android phone user and the other an iPhone user, the person with the iPhone is substantially more likely to experience a life of greater achievement.

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