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Odd Beliefs...

    1. Passion is overrated

    Passion is not durable. Discipline is what is needed to actually get something done.

    2. Hard work is not always the answer

    The adage working smarter not harder is cliché because it is true. Too many people's default setting is to just work harder at something that is not working. It ends up just wasting time and energy. Sometimes quitting is the right thing to do.

    3. Our brains are probably multidimensional

    Our brains are a few pounds of squishy goo. It seems impossible that the amount of computational power contained inside is possible within the dimensions we are aware of.

    4. People are better having some sort of cosmology

    People need to have a belief in something bigger than themselves. It doesn't really matter what that belief it.

    5. Most reasons for why we decide for something is made up

    All your decisions are made subconsciously and you are just making justifications for it after the fact.

    6. Everyone is smarter and dumber than they think they are

    The problem is that you don't know on what subjects and areas

    7. Superstitions can be good, because it leads to discipline

    Doing things the same way every time leads to efficiency. The motivation for it doesn't matter as much

    8. Consistency is king

    Small changes done daily makes for big changes

    9. Dark energy and dark matter may be other realities that we are imbedded in

    Most of the universe is unknown. It does not seem inconceivable that we are the dark matter and energy for another reality/people.

    10. Most people can't fight

    People, particularly men, think that they can defend themselves in a combination of John Wick and Rambo, until they actually have to fight another human being.

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