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Oh, You Think I See You

You try and hide behind the fake smile or oversized dark sunglasses.

You believe you need to protect yourself from your brother.

You hide behind what you believe to be your secret weapon (anger) not realizing this one emotion is what keeps you imprisoned.

You are your own biggest bully. Just like a bully......

  • You're controlling
  • You have anger management problems - you love to attack whether it be mentally, emotionally, or physically.
  • You're prone to feeling frustrated and annoyed not only with yourself but with others as well.
  • You're quick to blame others for your lack of peace, happiness, and well-being.
  • You're Impulsive - you are quick to judge your brother.
  • You view violence and attack as a good way to get your needs met.
  • You choose chaos and conflict over calmness and being harmonious.
  • You're not sympathetic to the desires of others and you are unwilling to see your brother as being innocent.

Oh, You Think I See You

    1. What are you looking at? Are you looking at me?

    Oh, you think I see you.

    You think I see the fear, pain, and guilt that resides in you so you prefer I not look at you.

    You "puff up" yourself on the outside in hopes that I will not see the tenderness on the inside.

    You try to bully others hoping that I do not see the frightened child within.

    You scurry around life wearing the mask of a hoodlum when you're nothing more than a scared child crying out for love.

    You would rather kill me and see me dead rather than risk me knowing the truth about you. The truth of which you are in deep psychological and emotional pain and you don't see a way out.

    You would rather annihilate yourself because you are so frightened of what you really are.

    Your entire existence (ego) is based on a lie that you are a pathetic weakling who was born into sin and someday you will surely die.

    The truth will set you free. The truth is that you were created in love and that is what you must eternally be. The truth is God cannot create unlike himself.

    God is not weak, frail, sinful, and unloving by any stretch of your imagination.

    2. You have simplified images of life.

    Are you aware that all of your life is a projection?

    Hell is oneself, hell is alone, and the other figures in it are merely projections. There is nothing to escape from and nothing to escape to. One is always alone. - T. S. Eliot

    The most dangerous psychological mistake is the projection of the shadow onto others; this is the root of all conflicts. - Carl Jung

    Other people are nothing more than your simplified projected images of who and what they are.

    You don't see them clearly. You project onto others your own beliefs, problems, hangups, guilt, and doubts.

    You use other humans as oversized Post-It Notes for your own pleasure.

    You are quick to label others as being good/bad, wrong/right, intelligent/unintelligent, friendly/unfriendly, and worthy/unworthy.

    You lack very little understanding of people because you have no real understanding of yourself.

    You don't even care to get to know others because your world is so filled up with your own story. Your ego has not only edged God out but also everything else that has to do with truth.

    You're not really interested in other people. You're not truly interested in what other people have to say or what they think. You are predominately interested in yourself and your own ideas. Am I in the ballpark yet?

    3. It's okay and quite impressive to have a shift in perspective

    People are fascinating. When you see them through loving eyes, they will astound you.

    People are loving, they're a lot more loving than you currently believe they are.

    Yeah, that barista that just handed you that Iced Caramel Macchiato he's got issues just like you. He's got unhealed traumas from his childhood just like you. He feels alone, guilty, and unworthy just like you.

    He's dealing with all sorts of stuff hidden from your awareness, just like you.

    If you had the power to look into people's dreams you would realize they are a lot more loving than you could have ever realized.

    People are fascinating but it's your judgments and the grievances you hold that prevent you from seeing it.

    Most of the time you're not paying attention to the fascination of your brother because if you did how could you not feel a feeling of joy and thanks.

    Today, when you look into the eyes of those you encounter look deeper, stop projecting, and by all means, see the innocence in her and you will experience it within yourself.

    Be fascinated.

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