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Old School Things We Need To Return

Not everything that has gone away is necessarily bad for today. And in no particular order.

    1. Sandlot Sports

    Besides just having fun while competing, we learn problem solving (odd number of players for baseball? Then Jimmy is "steady pitcher"), conflict resolution (mostly from the universal "do-over"), and

    Worried about "bad people?" Then schedule a time/place and have a parent or two around to keep the baddies away. But unless there's a serious injury, leave the kids alone - they'll figure it out.

    2. "End of the Broadcast Day"

    Most TV channels used to go off sometime around midnight. Now, they're all 24/7. Might be nice to have an externally run "disconnect" for TV. And maybe do the same on our own at home for the internet.

    3. Long Lasting Products

    When you bought something, it was well made, and if it conked out, in most cases it was easy enough to fix.

    4. DIY

    These days, if something breaks or isn't working, it gets tossed and a new one is purchased. We've generally lost the ability to fix things on our own. Yes, you could YouTube it and give it a try, but most folks won't.

    5. Drive In Theatres

    Great, economical family activity - first movie for the kids, second for the folks. Also great for date nights. Gotta buy popcorn, of course.

    6. Station Wagons

    Perfect for drive-in theaters with the family. And for road trip vacations. Holds a lot of stuff so you can do the warehouse store and the home repair store trips in one shot.

    7. Land Lines (Phone)

    For when cel service is out. And in case of emergency. Also much better for privacy.

    8. Trade Related Courses In School

    Wood and metal shop. Home Economics. And, other trades like electrical and plumbing - have local companies teach these in the schools (with a certified teacher, if necessary). Helps alleviate the shortages, plus even if someone doesn't work in those fields, they have a skill for a lifetime.

    Oh, and life skills training too - using a checkbook, setting a budget, etc.

    9. Board Games

    Get the kids away from the phones and interacting with one another. And their families.

    10. Old School cars

    They're easier to maintain, they're safer, and, of course, cooler.

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