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Outside the box thinking on the big problems

I thought it would be fun to see if there's any outside the box solutions to some of the bigger problems. 

Outside the box thinking on the big problems

    1. NHS wait times

    Noone likes waiting, especially if you're sick /in pain.

    Kareoke - you can sing whilst you wait. Singing will boost your spirits as well and take away some of the pain. Makes the wait fat less boring. 

    Wait app - chat to others that are waiting. Play games with them. See details on what you're Dr is currently doing. You won't mind waiting if you knew they were helping someone in a worse place than you. Maybe this perspective will help you feel better about your own situation. 

    Gym prescription - healthy and fit people are far less likely to be in the waiting area. By giving everyone a free gym membership they'll be less people waiting and as a result less wait time. This only works if people use it. How do you promote that? 

    Stand up - have someone tell jokes whilst patients wait. This would be a good gig for those just starting out. You could also get bands /singers. 

    2. Mental Health

    Mental health is a huge problem. How many people do you know that suffer from some form of it?

    The Rocco Effect - what if every newspaper printed a 'The Rocco Effect' comic?

    School classes - what if schools had classes dedicated to giving different techniques on how to live a happier life? Journaling, meditation, reframing, growth mindset ect. 

    Martial arts classes - teach this in pe. It's hard to be afraid when you have faith in yourself. 

    3. Crime

    From murder to stealing a chocolate bar - why do people comity crimes? The focus always seems to be on dealing with the consequences, but why? Surely focusing on prevention would yield much better results?

    Nessesity - some steal because they see no other way to survive. Education on other ways would help here. Teaching enterprunurial skills would solve this. 

    Bordom - brings excitement to their lives. Put in more entertainment /things to do with friends and this stat will drop. 

    Psychopaths - they'll not stop, but we could make it harder for them. 

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