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Pampered to Pain: (3 min 39 sec)


    1. The Hidden Cost of Spoiling.

    Hey, Mighty Companions, let’s cut to the chase. The craving to be spoiled? It’s the ego talking, loud and clear. In the material world, it’s all about status and stuff. However, it’s just a cover-up for that inner void. Spoiling never hits the mark because it’s addressing the wrong need. The core cause? The ego’s never-ending hunger for more. The real fix? Look within. Reconnect with your true Self. It’s not about the luxury—it’s about the love.
    Where does the need to be spoiled come from?
    The need to be spoiled stems from the ego's desire for external validation. In a material world (Thanks Madonna), it's about status, luxury, and the affirmation that comes from others' admiration. People who crave being spoiled feel incomplete on their own.
    This need arises from a deeper sense of lack from our true Self. It's the ego's way of trying to compensate for an inner void, a misguided attempt to find happiness outside ourselves.
    What does it mean to be spoiled?
    Being spoiled means receiving excessive indulgence, often through special treatment. It's about getting what you want, when you want it, without earning it. It's characterized by getting what you want without effort or consideration for others. Spoiled people lack resilience and struggle with disappointment.
    Being spoiled is an illusion created by the ego. It's a distraction from true fulfillment, which comes from inner peace, not external gratification.
    What's missing from women's lives that they feel they should be spoiled by someone?
    What's missing is a sense of self-love. Society perpetuates the idea that women need to be pampered to feel valued and important. Women seek external validation through being spoiled. They mistake material gifts for love and attention.
    What’s truly missing is the recognition of their own inherent worth. The ego obscures the truth which leads them to seek validation through others.
    Why doesn't spoiling ever work?
    Spoiling never works because it addresses superficial desires rather than core needs.  It's a temporary fix for a deeper issue. The temporary pleasure fades while leaving the underlying issues unresolved. It reinforces the false belief that happiness comes from outside sources. The more one is spoiled, the more they crave, creating an endless cycle of dissatisfaction.
    It fails because it’s rooted in the ego’s false beliefs. True fulfillment only comes from recognizing our oneness with God.
    What's the core cause?

    The core cause is the ego’s insatiable appetite for more. It's never satisfied, always seeking the next thing to fill a void that can't be filled with material possessions. The ego keeps us trapped in this belief which causes us to look outside for what can only be found within.
    What’s the source?
    The source is societal conditioning and the ego's constant craving for material wealth. The source is a fundamental misunderstanding of our true nature. The ego clouds our perception and makes us forget that we are already loved as we are.
    I am sorry.
    Please forgive me.
    Thank you.
    I love you.
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