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Parenting Giveth and ParentingTaketh Away

I was thinking about how much I have given up and sacrificed to parenthood. Then I thought about what I've gained, but I wanted to list things that are more tangible and concrete than simply warm and fuzzy concepts like "love" or "companionship"...

    1. Trip To Japan

    This happened because my eldest had the opportunity to travel to Japan with his gymnastics club. We decided the rest of the family could also use a trip, and we'd be nearby if anything went wrong. Without his opportunity, I don't know that I would have ever gone to Japan.

    2. Tennessee

    Again gymnastics - this time a week-long camp in Crossville, TN. Not wanting to be far from our kids, we toured Nashville and the Pigeon Forge areas.

    3. Sun Hang Do

    A local kid-friendly martial art that I've started practicing too - I never would have signed up for this if I didn't have a kid.

    4. Birthday Dinners

    In October we went to Red Robin for my son's birthday - it has gourmet burgers, and I've always wanted to go but probably wouldn't have fit as a 'date night'.

    5. Music

    My kids have exposed me to artists I wouldn't have encountered within my usual tastes.

    6. Meeting Parents of their Friends

    We've only made a few friendships with people because our kids are classmates or teammates.

    7. Scouting/Volunteering

    I was a Beaver Scout leader for a while - and if I didn't have kids, that wouldn't have happened.

    8. Disney Cruise

    Without kids, we would not have had this experience, which opened us up to cruises in general, including a Hawaiian cruise I enjoyed very much.

    9. Animated Movies

    There are a few movies I've seen purely because I'm a parent.

    10. Trivia

    I've learned sports facts, animal facts, history facts and many more due to the interests of my kids.

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