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Passive income ideas that I can see myself doing.

There are a lot of ways to make passive income these days. Some are more passive than others. And not every income method is suitable for each person. Here are some ideas that I can actually see myself doing.

    1. Partner in a company

    Although I don't have a lot of capital, I like the idea of taking a small percentage of gross receipts for helping to fund the start-up or expansion. Sort of like buying stock but more direct.

    2. Affiliate programs

    I have a Wordpress account but have never really thought about monetizing it. I should look into it more.

    3. Advertising on my car

    4. REIT

    I've decided that I don't have what it takes to be a landlord and I don't have the resources to hire a property manager. REITs might be another way to invest in dirt.

    5. Pet Sitting

    Less passive than some others, but since I already have pets this could work. Plus you can sometimes combine pet sitting and house sitting.

    6. Royalty Exchange

    Another area that needs more research. I like the idea of collecting Royalty.

    7. Create a course.

    Effort up front but once it is created, it can sell over and over again.

    8. Write a book.

    Same idea as a course.

    9. Sell stock photos

    Can you take a good picture? Do you already have some good photos?

    10. Start a vending / ATM route.

    Some up front investment, but afterwards a few hours a week.

    11. The is only the beginning

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