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People Who Have Died

It seems I'm hearing about the death of people more often. Let's see who I remember dying in my lifetime.

People Who Have Died

    1. My grandmother

    Over ten years ago already!

    2. One of my great-aunts

    A year or two ago. I had only met her a handful of times.

    3. A great-aunt from another side of the family

    Also someone I had only met a handful of times, only as a child.

    4. My dad's best friend

    Recently. He seemed like a cool guy.

    5. A cousin (a great aunt's daughter)

    Yesterday, at the time of writing this. We were absolutely not close but I feel sad for her son.

    6. Some dude I met once at a NYE party in Lyon

    I heard he died in a motorcycle accident with his girlfriend.

    7. My great-grandmother

    When I was 10.

    8. A cousin's husband

    I don't remember ever meeting him (perhaps briefly), but the story of his death was quite shocking.

    9. Another one of my dad's close friends

    A few years ago.

    10. A 100-year-old distant cousin from Montreal

    I was supposed to meet her when I visited Montreal when I was 16, but I was so disorganized I lost her address and didn't manage to reach out on time, so we never met. Would have been cool.

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