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People who inspire you

I think everyone takes inspiration from someone in their life, sometimes it is a single personality, and other times it is a combination of personalities.

I'd love to hear about this.

    1. Muhammad Ali

    I was young when I first started to watch his fights on TV. He seemed like the most confident person ever, and he was also a great athlete. The fact that he was willing to stand up to the government (Vietnam) and society in general made me realize that you can be an individual and not follow everyone else.

    2. My dad

    I wrote about him in my book but I don't think I ever mentioned here. When I was growing up he would always say, "if you want something bad enough, work hard for it, and never give up, you can get it." This is how I felt about poker when I first started and this is how I feel about life now.

    3. Andrew Carnegie

    When Andrew Carnegie was starting out as a businessman he worked 14-18 hour days for YEARS until he got his business going. Then after that he spent the next 30 years giving away all of his money to charities and building libraries all over the country so people could read for free.

    4. Richard Branson

    There are many stories about how Branson started Virgin Records with just $60 dollars in his pocket. He had no money but convinced some music industry executives to back him by saying, "If we don't do it someone else will!" This is a similar mindset to what poker players have when they are raising with nothing on the flop because they figure if they don't bet then someone else will take down the pot with a bluff or a better hand.

    5. Warren Buffett

    Buffett has been quoted as saying that success in business requires two things: 1) knowing how to manage people well (which takes experience) 2) knowing your business inside out (which takes study). The second part is important because it means you should read every annual report of every company you invest in or want to start a business around.

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