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People You've Never Met That Helped/Inspired You

Some of my list may be corny, but truly believe you can learn from anyone

    1. Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant/Tiger Woods/Few Other Athletes

    Growing up I always wanted to be an athlete. Micheal Jordan specifically was such an inspiration. A real life hero. A Greek God.

    Before social media, you didn't really hear about the negative side of people and Michael Jordan had a stellar reputation. He won at everything and was also known as the hardest worker around.

    In today's era, when an athlete isn't winning they change teams. Michael Jordan (at least us older folks want to believe....) would never have done that. He'd get to work and figure out how to win. To be the best. At all costs. The Lakers/Celtics/Pistons used to dominate Jordan's Bulls and then he took over, with the help of the also great Scottie Pippen. The Robin to Jordan's Batman.

    Recently, watching Jordan's documentary on Netflix you saw a different side of him. He was a killer. And he also had some sadness in him. No one is perfect. Look up to others, but don't assume they are perfect and put them on pedestals.

    Kobe Bryant, after Jordan, was the next athlete I loved to watch compete. He wasn't a perfect person, but gave inspiration in his work-ethic, talent, and demeanor. He passed too soon and seemed to be ready to do great things after his playing career ended.

    Tiger too is an imperfect human. Recently, hes overcome a terrible car crash and is competing again.

    These athletes have given many people joy and inspired millions by their craft and brilliance.

    2. Bill Clinton/Barack Obama/Donald Trump

    All three were/are magical personalities and from those I've heard from, have the ability to make those they speak to in person feel like they are the most important people in the world.

    All three I had high hopes for as politicians. All three are highly flawed and did not end up being the people/leaders I hoped they would be.

    Clinton/Trump specifically have shady pasts. Their ties to Epstein should be scrutinized more closely.

    Obama seems like a good person, but really lacking in realizing his potential. Maybe he was too young or inexperienced to be a great president. In today's polarizing USA, maybe his time should have been now and he would know how to unite better. His charisma as an orator is unmatched by any English speaker I've seen, at least on a political stage.

    3. Salvador Dali/Jean-Michel Basquiat/Banksy

    As someone who doesn't know anything about art, their work is so fascinating. They seem to almost mock what is considered "beautiful."

    My guess is they were/are anti-establishment, but their art is incredible to me and makes me realize how important supporting the Arts is, because you never know where beauty will come from.

    4. Tim Ferris/James Altucher

    Tim's book, 'Tools of the Titans,' is a must read for anyone. It's a textbook for life improvement.

    Ferris is also a fantastic interviewer and never comes off like a know it all, even though he is a smart guy.

    James has written a bunch of books and articles that have inspired me to be a better person. And to know that no one is perfect. We all fail, get embarrassed, and make mistakes.

    Just keep trying. Re-start. Re-invent. Keep going.

    James seems like the most curious guy in America. This curiosity really comes through in his work and podcasts.

    Please keep sharing and inspiring us.

    5. Harris Rosen - Philanthropist

    Harris actually changed an entire community and helped hundreds, if not thousands of people of all ages.

    By starting small, one community, who knows how much good he has influenced.

    You don't have to solve world hunger or win the space race to help humanity. Start small to make a real difference. One of the people you help might change the course of world history, for the better.

    6. Tai Lopez/Grant Cardone

    These guys get a bad rap and part of it they deserve. They can come across as arrogant and shallow. A lot of this is just showmanship to get attention.

    Sift through some of the nonsense and there is a lot of substance there.

    Tai Lopez has some great book recommendations and his idea of the "good life" is fantastic. It's based on 4 pillars - Health, Money, Love, Happiness. Great basics to help you focus on to live a great life.

    Grant Cardone has more energy than any guy I've seen. Some may say he's a scammer, but I find his work-ethic and drive inspiring. I also know people he's helped make money for. He's not very polished and rough around the edges, but you can learn from someone like this. Drive and persistence can make anyone a force.

    7. Will Smith/Brad Pitt/Denzel Washington/Meryl Streep/Hilary Swank/Cate Blanchett/George Clooney/Matt Damon/Matthew McConaughey/Gary Oldman/Josh Brolin/Jeff Bridges/Natalie Portman/Ann Hathaway

    Could name 100 other great actors/actresses.

    They have made so many films fun/inspiring/emotional to watch.

    They are all masters of their craft and their charisma leaps out at you.

    8. Daniel Day-Lewis

    The greatest actor of modern times. Seems to only act for the purpose of making great art.

    Not afraid to take long breaks and only works when inspired.

    A genius and underappreciated.

    9. Jewel

    What an absolutely interesting and inspiring person. In a world where Hollywood and famous people have lost touch with reality, Jewel sounds like the most down to earth person ever.

    If you don't now about her, and her Alaskan family, read her Wikipedia.

    She is a talented singer and overcame a lot in her life. Luckily, she sounds like she still has her head on straight.

    10. Joe Rogan

    Similar to Jewel, Joe is a fascinating person.

    Like James Altucher, he's curious and has followed many passions in his life.

    In my opinion, Joe's curiosity and well roundness has made him the best interviewer in the world.

    He recently got a lot of bad press about some of his beliefs, but if you actually listen to him talk, you will find he's very down to earth and not a know it all.

    The Comedy Store documentary is amazing. Watch it if you haven't . It also shows Joe's generosity, humbleness, and kindness.

    11. People On Twitter

    Found a lot of people on Twitter that have been very helpful regarding investing/health/sales/marketing if you can sift through the bad!
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