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Personal statement

I'm going to look at uni courses, just incase next year doesn't go to plan. Before I apply I need a statement that helps me stand out from the crowd. 

    1. Why I want to be a teacher

    I taught English in China for 4 years. 

    I was a scout leader 

    I teach on Facebook and Instagram 

    I made my own course on how to learn English /Chinese 

    I have a 'how to live a happier life' course 

    I have two published guidebooks on how to live a happier life. 

    I have a sina star teacher award. 

    I trained teachers 

    I'm a problem solver. 

    I write daily (my lists) 

    2. China

    * photo shows that I was the 19

    I moved to China in 2016 and taught there for 4 years. During that time

    I taught 3 - 17 year old.

    I trained teachers.

    I made/delevered presentations. 

    I taught in kindergartens, primary schools and in the street /soft plays, online

    I competed and won a sina star teacher award.

    I took a coaching course . 

    I become a senior teacher. 

    I trained teachers. 

    I reviewed classes. 


    3. Personal

    Since returning from China I've continued to teach. 

    I share advice on my Facebook page. 

    I created a short English and Chinese course (

    I made short comics on how to live a happier life (

    I've published two guidebooks on how to live a happier life (the Rocco Effect - Set 1 /set 2)

    I've made an online course (how to live a happier life. Skillshare). 

    I post daily to Instagram ( @roccodesta

    4. Learning

    You can't teach what you don't understand. As a result I go out of my way to learn something new every day I do this by. 

    Reading (I've read around 50 books in the last few years). 

    Podcasts (I listen to atleast one a day) 

    5. Charity work

    I've helped out with multiple charities over the years.

    Leap - I designed graphic designs and animations 

    Roshni - - I designed graphics

    Wellbeing Scotland - I called and helped those struggling during the pandemic. 

    6. Daily activities

    I do a lot of activities daily in order to improve myself.

    Writing - I write lists daily on Notepd. 

    Design - I design daily. And will start selling the best designs soon. 

    Read - I aim to read a chapter a day, but even when I don't manage that I atleast manage a page or two. 

    Workout - I lift weights. I walk (averaging 20,000 steps a day.

    Project work - I'm always working on something. Writing a new book. Working on stand up sets. Writing a story ect. 

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