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I love this photo. It was taken during an event this weekend... Puptoberfest.

The representation here runs deep.

First, there's a sense of camaraderie among these women. We all own businesses. We've got passion, business sense, charisma, and down right "get it done" attitude. And we're dog people. We have dogs that are a big part of our lives.

We found each other through Pet Power Studio.

We're all different and yet very much the same. In a world of corporate take over, think tank shut down, we're over here bringing joy to the world through dogs, physical fitness, small batch nutrition and big thoughts that ripple. Everything is energy.

I've said it often... we will do for our dogs what we won't for ourselves...

And yet, here is the bridge. A group of women, connecting unconditional love of dogs to nutrition, mental health and connection.

It's not easy out there these days. At the same time... this photo represents four women who are working to build business legacies at the same time bring the message... life is now. Have fun. Be grateful. Give to others. Be healthy mentally, lean into calm, confidence and play. #playeveryday!

I love these women. I love being part of the pack we're building.

Such inspiration.

I'm proud of us.

Join me at Dog Life Unleashed: Calming the Chaos... it's an experiment to get more of what you want in life... while letting go of the constant chatter in your head that's causing chaos and anxiety to rule every single decision you make.

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