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Places I've Tried Sleeping

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This post is a direct reply to the previous post. If you haven't read it. Go check it out. Always good stuff from this poster.

Places I've Tried Sleeping

    1. Hammock

    Hammocks come in many different styles. Everything from a string net suitable for a quick nap to a fully suspended tent. In general, hammocks are snuggly, cooler than tents or sleeping on the ground, and more cramped. Not a good idea if you are a restless sleeper. Likewise, in most designs there is the likelihood you will end up with your feet at the same height or a little higher than your head. This works better for some than others.

    2. Airstream Travel Trailer

    Airstream is a premium RV brand. They can be a very luxurious sleep. HOWEVER, my experience is that the mattresses/cushions that Airstream uses is far harder and denser than those found in most homes. This is common across the RV industry. When we owned an Airstream, we always used custom made foam toppers on top of the mattresses.

    3. Cave

    The thing to remember when choosing to sleep in a cave is that you are almost always choosing to share your quarters with the critters that already live. Most will avoid you. Eventually they might even ignore you. But you are not alone.

    4. Side of a Mountain

    I've never been brave enough to pitch a sleeping platform on a giant wall while climbing. But I have most definitely slept on slopes steep enough that the only way to stay in place was to sleep laying with my head straight uphill and my feet wedged into a tree trunk or rock. Not the most secure system. But the views can be great.

    5. Floating down a River

    I'll combine a couple different experiences with this one. I've taken cat naps laying in the bottom of a canoe as it drifts down a lazy river in the summer. Not really sleeping but pretty close. I've also attempted to spend the night sleeping in the canoe but between getting cold on the water or too many bugs, this hasn't worked for me. Still working on the details. However, I can definitely say that sleeping in a bunk at below the waterline while the waves lap the hull is some of the best sleep sounds (or white noise) one can experience.

    6. Ice Hotel

    Closest was a DIY quinzhee hut. They will keep you warmer than the outside air but depend on a good sleep and layering system.

    7. Outer Space in a spaceship.

    Me too! Many folks said our old Airstream looked like a space ship. And sleeping outdoors when there is no light pollution makes the sky look limitless. Until Musk and Bezos get it figured out we could get by with an Airstream with a giant skylight.

    8. Star Wars Bacta Tank

    I've often thought about trying to use a Sensory Deprivation Chamber to simulate weightlessness and get some sleep. The bacta tank should be similar.

    9. Barcalounger

    I've spent many, many nights sleeping in recliners of all types, including the Barcalounger brand. They all have slightly different pros and cons. Overall, not a bad night's rest for me. I prefer them to most hammocks I've used.

    10. Giant Pillow Pile.

    Giant "plastic burlap" feed bags filled with feed, grain, corn husks, or other biomass have worked great for me and many other field workers. Similar too but maybe better than most pillows I can think of.

    11. Thanks again for the inspiration and the reminding me of memorable snoozing.

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