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Podcasts I could make for my audience

I serve the Dutch, Christian market. Here are some potential podcast shows I could make for my audience.

#4 makes the most sense, #10 is perhaps the most exciting, but also requires the most time investment.

If I start a podcast, which do you think I should do?

    1. Modern Faith

    Interviews with people about how they became believers and about their walk with God. Could also be scripted: someone edits the story and then have someone narrate the story. Inspired by the NYT column Modern Love (also tv series on Amazon Prime)

    2. Ask Jan

    Ask me any questions about the Bible and I will answer them.

    3. Read, understand and believe the Bible

    Could be different formats depending on the topic. Every week an episode about making Bible reading a habit, understanding the Bible and believing the Bible (apologetics)

    4. The Jan Heijnen show

    Interviewing interesting guests. Could be about any topic interesting to Christians, although my specific mission is to help people read, understand and believe the Bible.

    5. Walking with God

    Daily / weekly audio devotions / meditation for people to listen to during a walk.

    6. To live is Christ

    A podcast about what it means to live as a follower of Jesus.

    7. Business as mission

    Show for Christian entrepreneurs who want to serve God through their business.

    8. Christian idea of the week

    An interesting quote, thought, book or Biblical principle that I can discuss with an expert.

    9. The Bible in One Day

    Basically an audio version of my book The Bible in One Day. Every episode one chapter.

    10. Something like Serial - 1 story told week by week

    I have to find compelling topics or persons and do several episodes about the same story. Ideally every episode has its own story arc but the season has one as well.

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