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James Altucher


Podcast ideas

I'm always looking to change the format a little bit. Instead of just interviewing authors, peak performers, etc.

    1. Everyone has a story

    Give everyone the Zoom link. Who ever logs on, I interview. The idea is to prove that every random person probably has just as interesting a story, if not more interesting, than the superheroes I interview.

    2. 24 hours.

    Do the above, but for 24 straight hours.

    3. "James does stuff".

    Every episode I do something crazy and report back on it. Catch a pedophile, smoke crack, make an offer to buy twitter, etc.

    (Might not be a good idea (particularly the smoking crack part), but it's just an idea.

    4. 3am

    I'm convinced the first podcast ever was me doing a "web show" for HBO called "3am". What were people up to in NYC at 3 in the morning. I did it for 2.5 years. The answer: nothing good. I must have interviewed over 1200 people during those 2.5 years and I learned a lot about life. Maybe do it again.

    5. AI podcast.

    I record every conversation and article I have for a month. I feed into an AI engine (like the one we use here). I then interview myself.

    6. AI podcast with Jesus Christ and other historical figures

    I feed the AI everything ever written by Jesus, Abraham Lincoln, Ernest Hemingway, etc. Then I interview Abraham Lincoln, etc.

    7. Everybody I ever dated.

    I find everyone I ever went even on a single date with and interview them about why it didn't work.

    8. Unfriended

    Similar to the above, I find everyone who ever unfriended me on Facebook and find out why.

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