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Podcast improv/setting ideas

I really like Everything Is Alive where they pretend to be an object and riff on that. It would be cool to do a podcast series with a hook.

    1. Setting changes every time with listener giving us prompts

    Who's Line is it Anyway, but less funny

    2. Crew of a spaceship

    3. I just ____!

    Climbed Mount Everest, won the lottery, won the top yearly sports thing, etc. Then a short segment of an interview of someone who actually accomplished said thing.

    4. Let's cook together

    Make food together with lapel mics on

    5. In the hot tub

    Might be hard on the microphones though

    6. In a car

    Drive around talking a la Comics in Cars or Carpool Karaoke, or maybe in an Uber/taxi/Lyft

    7. My favorite thing

    People talk about their most prized possession. Maybe favorite thing that cost less than $100.

    8. Shit I hate

    The opposite of #7

    9. If I Were (Not My Job)

    Pick a job for someone that they have never done and have them interview about that job. Listeners can pick the job. Similar to #1

    10. Spring It On Em

    I just make shit up as an interviewer, and the interviewee has to play along an yes-and

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