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Podcasts I Listen to Religiously

I listen to podcasts whenever I can, like when I'm driving, cooking, or just going for a walk. Hearing other people's ideas is a great way to come up with new ideas of my own.

This is a list of every podcast I listen to religiously. That means I listen to every single episode without fail.

    1. The Tim Ferriss Show

    I've been a fanboy of Tim Ferriss since 2009, when I read The Four Hour Workweek. I've listened to his podcast since episode 1.

    2. Wall Street Unplugged

    After listening to several financial podcasts, this is the one that drew me in. I like how Frank Curzio tells it like it is and doesn't pull punches. I don't agree with everything he says (he's conservative and I'm liberal), but at least when he says something I disagree with, he has reasoning behind it.

    3. The Creative Penn Podcast

    When I'm side-hustling, I'm a writer currently trying my hand at fiction writing. Joanna Penn is exactly the type of author I aspire to be. She writes both non-fiction and fiction, and has a deep interest in technology. I listen to her podcast to hear her latest thoughts on the publishing industry and where it's headed.

    4. The Sell More Books Show

    This is a niche podcast for self-published writers. It has weekly publishing news and tips on self-publishing and marketing your books.

    5. Choose FI

    I'm in my 40's now and in a position of working towards early retirement. The Choose FI podcast is dedicated to teaching the principles of FIRE, or "Financial Independence, Retire Early."

    6. Lore / Cabinet of Curiosities

    While I primarily consume non-fiction content, I do like a good story. I've lumped both the Lore podcast and the Cabinet of Curiosities podcast together because in my mind, they are the same. Both are hosted by Aaron Mahnke, and both tell stories of real-life historical events.

    7. What Is It All For?

    A podcast of a husband and wife duo doing "unboring" business coaching. The podcast is about their experiences running their online businesses, and more recently, their experiences traveling throughout Europe this year while running their business.

    8. Everything, Everywhere

    A podcast literally about everything, everywhere. It's a daily show, with each show about ten minutes in length. The topic is seemingly random, but chock full of interesting information. You never know what you're going to learn each day.

    9. Rounders: A History of Baseball in America

    I've been obsessed with baseball since I was a kid, particularly the statistical and historical aspects of the sport. Rounders is about interesting stories in the history of baseball.

    10. PROOF

    I'm not rich enough yet to invest in NFTs, but I like hearing about what's happening in the industry. The NFT community is at the cutting edge of internet technology, and listening to this podcast keeps me up to date on the whole realm of cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies.

    11. The James Altucher Show

    I've followed James Altucher for about a decade now, read most of his books, and listened to most of his podcasts. After a couple years of hiatus, I've recently begun listening to his podcast again. I like the range of guests he brings on. It's a similar format to the Tim Ferriss Show, but James Altucher brings on a different subset of guests more focused on financial and entrepreneurial topics.

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