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Spring is almost here, people will be out more and some may be prepping their pools or thinking about getting one. This idea topic just popped into my mind so lets see what bad ideas I can generate today.

    1. Massaging Floor

    This could be an option that is reserved for a section of the pool floor, or most of the pool floor if you desire. These could vary from small massaging action bumps on the pool floor, to flexible type larger mounds that contour as you walk on them. Some could have a function where they rotate, move or vibrate when you press a button.

    2. Pool that generates waves

    Depending on the size of pool you get, this is a built in option that can create several variations of waves that can be subtle, where you can be on an inner tube or float and it's a relaxing type of movement it creates....or you can make the waves very aggressive and choppy, maybe for a good workout to swim against the waves...to in between where it can be fun for kids and or adults to have fun.

    3. Emergency pool drain

    I have no idea if this exists, but having an emergency drain that when engaged, it opens up one or more ducts for water to be drained gallons at a time. Maybe someone is drowning, or you notice a kid that got into the pool, or someone who doesn't know how to swim falls in or something. If you have to drain the pool to change water, or clean it, the emergency drain button could be useful for that too.

    4. Waterproof touch-screens with Wi-Fi

    Probably a lame idea. I don't like having my phone near the pool, I see a lot of people that bring them in the pool, they use it while they are sitting on a float. It gives me anxiety just watching that. So this could be installed or come with some pools, but having anywhere from one to several different sized ones that can be put around, on platforms outside of the pool, or even mounted on the outside of the pool that can be adjusted to turn around and raised to use inside the pool.

    5. Automatic retractable cover and Basketball Goal

    Pretty self explanatory...putting covers on a pool sometimes is a chore, and sometimes it's a two person operation. For this to work, you just need to unlock it, press a button, and out it comes. I am not sure if it would connect and seal but assuming it does, on a day where you forgot to close it, you can use the optional remote to do it from inside your home. Same with the basketball goal(s). A button press will automatically pop it out and raise it up. In fact, you can adjust the height the same way.

    6. Solar Powered Cover

    No clue if this is possible, or even if it would work. But I am imagining a solar powered cover that can power your pump and anything electric that is part of the pool functions. I think it could also be used to supply built in power plugs that are located outside of the pool in case you need an extra power supply.

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