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Popeman and Choirboy (Full Story)

The full draft for Popeman and Choirboy. 

    1. Homeless Bum

    We see our hero, John Paul walking down the street. Typical right wing king. Maga hat, cross around his neck, and a smile that screams 'I'm better than you'. We then hear 'Change. Change. Can you spare some change?' It's a homeless bum. He's shacking a cup filled with coins and scrounging for more. John replies angrily 'Change? Theft more like. Get a job you bloody hippy' and knocks the coins out of his hand 'It's scum like you that's destroying our once great nation. You're an eyesore. ' John the storms off mumbling his hatred of the homeless, to himself as he goes.Not long after John has left a shadowy figure appears ad offers a helping Han in picking up the homeless bums coins. He then puts in a £50 note and offers the bum a leaflet. 'Free food/shelter for the homeless at Local mosque 8pm every night. It then pans out to show a kind, happy muslim man. The bum smiles back.

    2. Wine

    Its night. The rain is pouring down hard. Another Homeless bum is walking. Long hair, majestic beard, skinny, and drinking a bottle of wine. He comes across the same leaflet on the ground 'Free food. Nice.' and makes his way to the mosque. He walks up to the mosque, drenched, still sipping his wine. One of the staff gets him new threads ' Oh gosh, look at you. Let's get you into some new clothes'. He offers the bum a white robe and sandals. 'Thanks mate. Where's the food I'm starving.' 'Oh sorry Sir. We don't allow alcohol here' The homeless bum snaps 'Whit? You want me to get rid of my wine? Screw you. I know you where all ever. Shove your free food up your arse!' then storms off. We then see him sneak into a building, through an open window.

    3. Jesus

    We see John Paul again. He's inside a church, doing paperwork. We see photos that show he's the minister of the church. He then walks out into the main hall kneels down and prys 'God give me the power to show love to the junkie scum that's camping all over the city. Why have you allowed this? Please just give me some sort of sign'. Achoo! John Paul Turns round to see The Wine Homeless bum lying on one of the pews. John screams at him 'Who the hell do you think you are. Don't you know who's house this is?' The bum then stands up and walks to the centre, behind him is a stained-glass of Jesus. He outstretches his arms and says 'Aye. It's ma hoose' Johns mouth drops 'Jesus?' The bum looks puzzled then replies 'Aye. I'm Jesus Christ. Who the hell are you?' John Paul replies 'I'm John Paul. Your loyal servant' Jesus smirks 'Servant you say? Nice'. John gets to his knees 'What do you wish of me master?'

    4. New deciple

    Whilst eating John Paul asks Jesus 'so what do you think of the food, pretty good, right ?' just as Jesus is thinking of an answer a Muslim man enters. Jesus screams and hides under the table getting flashbacks to earlier 'sorry no alcohol is allowed in the building' 'you'll need to dispose of your wine' then he starts making up flashbacks 'alah ackbar!' he grabs the wine and smashes it on the ground '. We see jesus hiding in terror under the table silently crying. John puts his head under to see whats wrong' master. What's the problem 'Jesus points to the man getting served' them. They are the problem They want to destroy our way of living. Someone needs to stop them 'Jesus looks up to John Paul' you need to stop them '. John Paul nods his head.

    5. Investigation

    John Paul's room is covered in photos of Muslim related things. 'sure there's some mad ones, but the majority seem nice. Look we've even got ones here tying up our streets from tree homeless scum. I'm sorry master but I can't see the evil you see' as Jesus looks at the pictures he hears the sounds of the flashbacks again. 'sorry. No alcahol is allowed inside' 'you'll need to dispose of your bottle' 'alah akbar! Smash' tears pour down his face. 'my wine. They took away my wine. I'm nothing without my wine' then it clicks for John. The almighty gains his powers from drinking wine. If they take away his powers, they can get away with anything. But what's the Master plan? Can they still be defeated whilst Jesus is like this? Surely John will need some help if he hopes to get to the bottom of this. 'We need help. And I know just the boy for the job. Quick Jesus. Come with me'

    6. Choir Boy

    We see a young boy in class. He gets given back his exam and we can see he's a smart kid A+. 'Great Job Fredrick' 'Thank you Sir'. Just then the door bursts open. It's John Paul and Jesus. 'Frederick we need you.'the teacher angrily looks at them and screams' What the hell do you think you're doing? I'm teaching a class here. You're not his parents. Why do you need the boy? 'John looks back with even more anger' this is a matter of biblical proportions wait. '' now Freddy. Come 'Freddy packs his stuff and starts to leave. His teacher places his hand on his shoulder. John Paul then punches the teacher on the jaw knocking him to the floor.'. The rest of the kids cheer and start causing chaos as John Paul and Freddy run out the building. The hall monitor tries to stop them but he's no match for John Paul who gives him a swift kick to the face. They finally reach the front door, but the head teacher is there. 'Excuse me gentlemen, but I can't let you leave Step out this building and the authorities will be called' just then the doors swing open knocking the head teacher down. It's Jesus 'get in the motor now. I'm sick ae waiting on you' all three run to the car. John Paul then intruduces the two 'Jesus Freddy, Freddy Jesus.' Freddy looks puzzled 'that's Jesus?' 'yes. But he's lost his powers. Long story, anyway that's why we need you. The muslamic extreemests took it and we need to know why.'

    7. Investigation (Part 2)

    We see jesus, John Paul and Frederick in the church, surrounded with photos of Muslims. John Paul speaks 'As you can see, nothing makes sense. Jesus insists their evil, but I we can't work out what's evil about feeding and housing the homeless bums'. Fredrick thinks, he starts to link the photos in his mind. Halal, beard, prayer mat, homeless, isis suicide bombers, terrorist. Fredrick then stands up and moves towards the photos 'have you seen the homeless lately? Doesn't something seem off to you' 'they smell off' 'no really. What's different.' 'well they all have beards, but that's not new. I guess their boxes look nicer' fredrick snaps his fingers 'great, but are they boxes?' 'well no. It's more like a yoga mat.' 'not a yoga mat. A prayer mat' jesus and John Paul think back. They have changed. Their clothing, their happiness /kindness. They both say in unison 'They're turning the homeless into Muslims!' but how, why? What's their game? Fredrick walks up to jesus 'no offence Jesus, but you do look the most, how do I say this nicely.... Homeless. We need you to infultrate the mosque and relay back to us the objective' Jesus looks puzzled, huh? John Paul then explains 'Go see the Muslims and find out how and why they're turning the homeless into them' Jesus nods. 

    8. Infiltration

    At night. They dress Jesus up to look even more homeless and drop him off a short walk away from the mosque. Jesus walks up 'Hello sir. Welcome to our Mosque the food is inside. Jesus walks in and is amassed. The rich smell of amazing Food, the vast tables of delicious delicases and all the people smiling and having fun. Was he wrong all this time? He grabs a plate and starts piling everything on 'don't worry sir. You can come back for seconds' Jesus sits down and finishes his plate, and seconds, and thirds. He's stuffed, then he remembers his mission. Find out how and why they're turning the homeless into Muslims. He goes up to one behind the buffet 'Here mate. How'd you get the meat to taste so good.' 'Thank you Sir for your kind words. It all starts with getting the freshest halal meat.....' halal. The photos flash back in Jesus mind. Muslim, halal, isis, terrorism. Jesus screams 'aaagghhhh.....!!!' puts his finger down his throat and throws up over the buffet. 'you're no changing me.' then jesus runs at the spread of light out of the place and back to the church. 

    'I didny know why, but I know how. It's that bloody halal meat. It currupts your mind and changes you into one of them' Frederick thinks 'no not one of them. One of the lesser ones. A terrorist. They're using useless bums, because noone cares if they kill themselves' Jesus and John Paul get shocked into standing up. 'think about it. Homeless scum outside every shop. Once they set the trigger they'll all explode in unison destroying the city and worst of all... Ruining Christmas' 

    9. The solution

    The gang tries to stop them, but nothing seems to work. They steal their prayer mats. They protest outside the mosque, they even call them names on the Internet. If anything it only increases the number of converted homeless bums. 

    It's Christmas eve. Fredrick to the other two 'It's Christmas eve. If we don't stop them today we're done. They'll explode and Christmas will be ruined. I'm all out of ideas I don't know what else to do.' Frederick breaks down and cries. John Paul 'I have a solution, but you're not going to like it. Here me out. There bums. Their lives don't really matter right? And their going to die today regardless. So, and this is only a suggestion. Why don't we kill them before they're triggered to explode?if they're dead, noone will care and we'll save Christmas. 'Fredrick wipes his tears and looks at jesus. Jesus looks at both of them then nods' let's kill the scum! '

    10. Weapons

    John Paul thinks for a bit then says 'Ok we know what needs done, but that's easier said than done. How do we go about killing them?'. They all look around until all of their eyes stop on a sword above the church door. 'I'll be hivin at' Jesus quickly says as he moves a chair closer to the door to acquire the sword. 'In that case I'll take the baseball bat. Fredrick you can have....' He looks around the room for something and stops as he looks at his desk, gives a check smile then picks up his pen 'Here you can have this. Remember - The pen is mightier than the sword'. Jesus and John Paul burst out laughing. Hahahaha! 'Seriously though, there's nothing else and we don't have the time. Let's go'

    11. The split

    They get into John Pauls car and head out. As he drives John Paul explains the plan 'I'm dropping you off in different locations. If we spread, we can kill more of them. Remember Christmas is no more, unless we succeed , failure is not an option' Jesus and Fredrick nod their heads in agreement. Jesus gets dropped off first under the bridge, 'this is where the smack heads all hang out. You've got the best weapon, so you're dealing with the most of em. Now make us proud. Slay some bumps'. John Paul and Fredrik carry on, till they get to the high street. 'Sorry Freddy, but I can't let you help out with just a pen. Stay here and I'll pick you up once I'm done.' John grabs his baseball bat and heads down the street.

    12. Jesus

    Jesus walks towards the bridge, sword in hand. He sees some bumps so runs towards them, swoosh! Swoosh! Swoosh! 3 down. easy. Then he looks around, he's surrounded, they're everywhere. A few run towards him and he manages to take them down, but they just keep coming. How long can he keep this up?

    13. John Paul

    John Paul runs down the street, whacking every Homeless bum he sees, whack, whack, whack! 3 down. Whack, whack, whack another three. Nothing can stop him. That is until one manages to disarm him. The homeless bum then picks up the baseball bat and turns in back on John Paul, Whack! Whack! Whack!.

    14. Fredrick

    Fredrick looks as John Paul runs off into the street. 'It's not fair. I do all the work and don't get to have any fun. This is useless.' He then relies that the door didn't lock, a golden blanket had fell out of his bag, stopped the door from locking, so Fredrick pops out, wraps the blanket around his neck and uses it as a cape.. He then puts on an eye mask he had that was also in his bag. 'Aaaagghhh....!!!' He hears John Paul scream. He then charges towards the homeless bum, jumps on his back, takes out his pen and stabs him in the eye. John Paul looks up 'Fredrick? You saved me. Thank you' John Paul then grabs his baseball bat and takes a final swipe at the bum. Whack!

    John Paul and Fredrick rush back to the car and set forth to find Jesus. John turns to Fredrick 'What's with the stupid get up?' 'We're saving Christmas. We're superhero's. I'm Choirboy.' 'Yeah fair enough. Don't expect me to dress up like that. I'm a real man''

    15. Finding Jesus

    John Paul and Fredrick arrive at the bridge. 'Where's Jesus? He should be finished by now.' John and Fredrick step out the car and wander into the darkness. Out of nowhere a bum jumps down and attacks them. John swings his bat, but misses. The bum attacks again clawing John's face. Blood drops to the floor. Aaaggghhh!!! John's screem alerts the other bums eyes open all around. They're outnumbered. Frederick runs and stabs his pen into the homeless bum. John sneezes the opertunity and whacks with all his might. Dislocating the head from the body. It rolls towards one of the other bums who picks it up and screams. Whilst they are startled John and Fredrick run and hide. They wait and in time the bums settle down. And start walking towards the same destination. John and Fredrick follow. 

    16. Save the saviour

    After following they find that they are walking towards jesus. He's tied to a chair and being beaten. 'we need to save him' 'but how? There's too many' Frederick then notices gas canisters next to a few of their tents. 'gather them up and place them over there. I'll distract them for now.' John Paul seeks out and starts to gather the canisters. Just as he gathers the last he's noticed. John swings the canister at him quickly before he has time to alert the others, knocking him out. Then places the last of the canisters down. 

    Whilst this is going on fredrick runs around shouting to get the attention of the bums. It works they all chase after him. Fredrick runs past a wine bottle and picks it up. He rips cloth from his Cape. Dips it in a puddle of oil and stuffs it into the bottle. John Paul then shouts getting the attention of the bums. And drawing them all towards the canisters. Once they are close enough, fredrick lights the cloth with a small fire and throws it. Boooommm! The place engulfs in light. Fredrick quickly releases Jesus and they run to freedom. They make it to the car and drive towards the church.

    17. Christmas

    'we did it we saved Christmas.' They all cheer and turn on the radio to celebrate. They hear someone say 'you failed, before laughing. Hahahaha!' then out of nowhere boom! An explosion behind them. Boom! Another one. With every turn there's more. They failed. But how, they killed them all. Right? 

    18. Final thoughts

    Some chapters (ideas) need expanding, but I'm really happy with this first draft. I'll get to work on character designs and draw up a comic soon. Hope you enjoyed. Please let me know your thoughts on the comments. 

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