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Portugal (Day 5)

We decided to visit a random city today. Resulting in one of the best days of the trip. 

    1. Morning Coffee

    We headed to the train station. Got a little lost then got a coffee at the station. 

    Saw these huge nests along the way. 


    2. Train

    We asked the ticket man for a city recommendation and he picked salves. So we got on the train and headed off 


    3. Walk

    It was about a 15 minute walk from station to city. Nothing much exciting, but got a great view of the city at the end of the walk. 


    4. Castle

    We saw that the city had a castle so made our way there first. Took a few photos up there. It was nice really enjoyed seeing some history. 


    5. Food

    After the castle we explored the rest of the city, before sitting down for some lunch. We ordered chicken and cheese toasties. But they had mayo, onions and carrots in them as well. I wasn't a fan so I didn't eat them. I also ordered chips. Noone can mess them up. Forgetting that chip in American is crisps. They where OK, just not that filling. 

    6. Mcds

    So we headed back to portamao and I was starving. Not wanting to waste any more time looking I got myself something I knew I would eat, a McDonald's. 

    7. Nightout

    We wandered the strip. Heard some music so followed that to a band. We were the only foreigners. Everyone was dancing, really nice atmosphere. 

    Finished early then everyone went home. Bars where dead, so we also went home. 

    8. Pizza

    Got a takeaway again. Really good. Maybe I should be more cautious of what I'm eating. That's a lot of pizza. But holidays are for fun, right? 

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