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Post-Passover thoughts

Passover has passed and we've had some time to meditate on freedom and what it means.

some quick thoughts on freedom:

Post-Passover thoughts

    1. From/To

    There is negative and positive freedom.

    "Freedom from" is about the absence of something-freedom from oppression, freedom from tyranny. It's removing impediments.

    "Freedom to" is more conscious. Freedom to speak one mind, freedom to worship. It's active and requires more planning


    2. Order

    In order to thrive, freedom requires order and schedule. A structure enables someone to control their time. 

    Freedom needs structure-freedoms without structure is chaos. Freedom doesn't mean freeform

    Think as your self as a king-a head of state has a daily schedule and purpose.

    3. Speech

    We have the freedom to speak and the freedom to remain silent. We have the potential to control what we say, how we say it and to who we say it. 

    Speech is the portal from our mind to the outside word-if you control that portal you open more doors.

    4. Emotions

    Our reactions/emotions come as a response to a stimuli. You stub your toe (stimulus) you yell (reaction) but the more control we have over our reaction we are less connected to the outside world.

    when we control how we manage and respond, we become free from how other people want us to react-only you should be able to control you.

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