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Potential names for my Beehiiv newsletter?

If you wanna help, feel free to vote on your favorites by liking them.

I'm going to start a Beehiiv newsletter to share humor pieces about entrepreneurship and related things + tips on how to add humor to your content. Now that I've said it here, I have to do it.

I want it to be a good fit even if I expand my range in the future (for example, what if I start a sub-publication about creativity? or a build-in-public sort of thing?). So I'd like it to refer to humor, but I don't want it to be too restrictive like "I Teach You To Be Funny".

Also, I'm thinking I shouldn't simply use my own name.

I should keep in mind domain name availability as well (doesn't have to be .com but I wouldn't go with just anything).

EDIT: I picked one: https://isthisajoke.beehiiv.comhttps://isthisajoke.beehiiv.com 


    1. Is This A Joke?

    or just "This A Joke?" because the .com is available.

    isthisajoke.co and isthisajoke.io are available though.

    2. Monetized Jokes

    Not convinced.

    3. Is That Funny?

    .com available

    4. Make It Funny

    .co and .io available

    5. Sometimes Funny

    .co and .io available

    6. Funny Business

    .io available

    Tempting, but maybe a bit too on-the-nose.

    7. Amusing Business

    .com available

    8. Chucklesome

    .io and .co available

    9. Not Funny At All

    .io and .co available

    10. Very Serious

    .io available

    I like the idea of naming it something that represents the opposite, although I'm not sure about this one in particular.

    11. Funny Profit

    .com available

    12. Funny Hustle

    .com available

    13. Laugh Flow

    .co or .xyz

    or thelaughflow.com

    14. Laughs Acquisition

    .com available

    15. Are You Joking?

    .io and .co

    16. Too Serious

    .co, .io, .xyz

    17. Another Joke

    .com available

    18. Probably Joking

    .com available as well

    19. I Must Be Joking

    imustbejoking.com available

    ("you must be joking" is too expensive)

    20. Surely Joking

    .com available

    21. Not Enough Jokes

    .com available

    22. Or something completely different???? Maybe I'm not thinking enough outside the box.

    23. Also, let's all admire the man in the AI-generated image

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